Chambers Takes Cisco Beyond Change

Chambers Takes Cisco Beyond Change: "We are moving from the intelligent network movement to one that is based on virtualization," Chambers said.

"There will be a time when you will have no idea if the data on your laptop or handheld device was processed or stored there or on a network somewhere else. So the security implications are pretty broad. "

I noted this 2/21/05 4:34 PM. Now, more than three years later I'll be participating in a Cisco Seminar in Helsinki the 22 April 2008.

What does three years mean in respect of change on Internet? Big or small changes? I'd like to say that Social Media is the new things, microblogs, Jaiku, Twitter, Facebook, Social Media, Wiki, etc. The basics haven't changed that much. We've a little more and better broadband. Mobility is improving.

The changes are happening in the mobile world. Not so much for me while I'm a heavy writer and the PC is a necessity to me. Portable devices are just for making basic phone calls.

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