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L'actualité de la DATAR

L'actualité de la DATAR: Economie, entreprises et territoires. Notamment sous les effets directs et indirects de la mondialisation, les relations entre les entreprises et les territoires font l’objet de tensions liées à des forces parfois contradictoires. Certaines conséquences sont aujourd’hui bien identifiées : délocalisations, désindustrialisation, dissociation des lieux de consommation et de production, etc.

L' Artisanat

- La plus grande entreprise de France emploie 2,5 millions de personnes ! - Atlas des régions - Les Echos: "L'artisanat... La plus grande entreprise de France » emploie 2,5 millions de personnes ! Il est temps de réhabiliter l'artisanat. Créateur d'emploi, il se développe aussi bien en zone urbaine qu'en milieu rural. Nourri du passé, il se tourne résolument vers l'avenir. Ils sont fleuristes, photographes, carrossiers, plombiers, luthiers, bouchers ou exercent l'une des 250 autres activités artisanales répertoriées en France. Ils ont un point commun : tous travaillent au sein de l'entité communément appelée « la plus grande entreprise de France » : l'artisanat. Au 1er janvier 2003, on dénombrait dans l'Hexagone pas moins de 846 320 entreprises artisanales, employant près de 2,5 millions de personnes, soit près de 10 % de la population active. À elle seules, ces entreprises, souvent de taille modeste (moins de dix salariés, sauf cas exceptionne…

Old media, bloggers at conference

Chicago Tribune `Old' media, bloggers square off at conference: "What happens when you put some of the nation's best-known bloggers and other heavy-hitting media types together in a room at Harvard for a conference about the future of digital journalism?"

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Howard Rheingold

Howard Rheingold: "Howard Rheingold's Story - I fell into the computer realm from the typewriter dimension, then plugged my computer into my telephone and got sucked into the net."

Howard Rheingold is one of the world's foremost authorities on the social implications of technology.

Over the past twenty years he has traveled around the world, observing and writing about emerging trends in computing, communications, and culture.

One of the creators and former founding executive editor of HotWired, he has served as editor of The Whole Earth Review, editor-in-chief of The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog, and on-line host for The Well. The author of several books, including Smart Mobs, The Virtual Community, Virtual Reality, and Tools for Thought.

Location-based tourist info via PDA

Smart Mobs: Amsterdam: location-based tourist info via PDA: "Monique Van Dusseldorp reports for Poynter Online on a location-based tourist application that now works in Amsterdam."
Timespots,, is a connected PDA full of interesting information and services, which you can rent at major hotels for a fixed daily fee. The device is filled with useful info on events, hotels, restaurants and attractions. In addition, audio tours covering all important points-of-interest are provided, along with games, just in case the points of interest do not entertain you at all.

But the PDA is also connected; for the flat fee you pay, you can send e-mails, visit Amsterdam-related mobile Web sites, and call other Timespots users, as well as a large number of hotels, restaurants and tourist services. And the mobile device has a camera on board that allows you to take snapshots and e-mail them to your friends and relatives or your weblog. Perhaps most interestingly, Timespo…


Vagabonding : one man, one year, one world.: Vagabonding is a round-the- world travelogue created by Mike Pugh, an optimist from Chicago. Mike traveled on his own through Asia and East Africa from October 2002 – November 2003 and updated this site from the road.

Corporate Soldiers

The US intelligence community has its own classified, highly secure Internet. It's called Intelink, and consists of portals, chat rooms, message boards, search engines, webmail, and tons of servers. Every soldier has an account, and each unit has its own virtual workspace. How about more extensive use of blogs? If intelligence organizations built a collaborative environment through blogs, they could quickly identify credible sources, develop a deep backfield of contributing analysts, and engage the world as a whole.

Consulting, Communications, Technology

Proximity: Consulting, Communications, Technology: Schneller als geglaubt schreitet die Globalisierung der Märkte voran. Zugleich bedienen die globalisierten Märkte immer individuellere Bedürfnisse. Distanzen überbrücken, Nähe schaffen. Dies ist der Ansatz, den wir verfolgen.



Wireless house - Langaton talo

Wireless house: "Tervetuloa Wireless House Oy:n kotisivuille. Yrityksemme tarjoaa langattomia tietoliikenne- ja viestintäratkaisuja yrityksille ja kotitalouksiin. Olemme tuotteistaneet valmiiksi tuote- ja palvelumoduleita, joita voidaan käyttää yksittäisinä ratkaisuina tai osana suurempaa kokonaisjärjestelmää. Monivuotinen kokemus ja syvällinen asiantuntemus langattomista yritysjärjestelmistä ja asiakaslähtöisestä ratkaisumyynnistä ovat toimintamme kulmakiviä. Kun haluat saada tietoliikennejärjestelmiin liittyvät asiat ajan tasalle nopeasti, vaivattomasti ja edullisesti, ota yhteyttä."

WiMAX changes the landscape

WiMAX has become one of the most talked-about and eagerly anticipated developments among wireless telecom carriers and equipment providers throughout the world. The reason is straightforward: WiMAX responds to the real challenges faced by carriers in deploying wireless networks. WiMAX has the potential to significantly change the world's telecommunications landscape. WiMAX is intended to provide definitive IP standards for a carrier-class solution that can scale to support thousands of users with a single base station, and provide differentiated service levels.