Location-based tourist info via PDA

Smart Mobs: Amsterdam: location-based tourist info via PDA: "Monique Van Dusseldorp reports for Poynter Online on a location-based tourist application that now works in Amsterdam."
Timespots, http://www.timespots.com/, is a connected PDA full of interesting information and services, which you can rent at major hotels for a fixed daily fee. The device is filled with useful info on events, hotels, restaurants and attractions. In addition, audio tours covering all important points-of-interest are provided, along with games, just in case the points of interest do not entertain you at all.

But the PDA is also connected; for the flat fee you pay, you can send e-mails, visit Amsterdam-related mobile Web sites, and call other Timespots users, as well as a large number of hotels, restaurants and tourist services. And the mobile device has a camera on board that allows you to take snapshots and e-mail them to your friends and relatives or your weblog.
Perhaps most interestingly, Timespots is one of the early examples of location-based publishing. The device knows at all times where in the city you are, so it can provide interactive maps with dynamic routing information, and location-based services like, "Where am I?" "Find me the nearest train station" and "Tell me more about this building in front of me."
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