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Rethinking RFID Passport

Wired News: Feds Rethinking RFID Passport: "Following criticism from computer security professionals and civil libertarians about the privacy risks posed by new RFID passports the government plans to begin issuing, a State Department official said his office is reconsidering a privacy solution it rejected earlier that would help protect passport holders' data. The solution would require an RFID reader to provide a key or password before it could read data embedded on an RFID passport's chip. It would also encrypt data as it's transmitted from the chip to a reader so that no one could read the data if they intercepted it in transit."

Search Battle Heads to Video

Wired News: Search Battle Heads to Video: Startups and independent film sites are creating tools to make putting video online nearly as simple as publishing text. Recently, Yahoo launched a beta version of a service called Media RSS that lets anyone with footage submit videos for distribution. Bradley Horowitz, director of multimedia and desktop search at Yahoo, said the feature is designed to provide an easy way for 'mom and pop creators of video' to connect with people who might be interested in viewing their content. The RSS feature follows the December launch of a video search engine.

Johan Norbergs blogg vann

Johan Norberg har gjort sig känd som en tämligen aggressiv globaliseringsförespråkare, både genom sina böcker och sitt engagemang i den liberala tankesmedjan Timbro. På sin blogg skriver han nästan varje dag debattinlägg om globaliseringen och aktuell politik. Omröstningen pågick på Internetworlds webbplats under tiden 17 februari - 15 mars. Redaktionen nominerade 50 svenska bloggar i kategorierna politik, kultur, it & media och diverse. Det fanns även möjlighet att lägga sin röst på ett eget alternativ. Man fick endast lägga en röst. Genom kontroll av ip-nummer och cookies gick det bara att rösta en gång. Det är dock ingen hundraprocentigt fusksäker omröstning.Totalt registrerades 2 029 röster, fördelade på 212 olika alternativ.

Interactive television production

Interactive television production - making money: Commercially successful iTV services generally: Make sure there is a large enough group of viewers (to realise significant revenues or other benefits). Create alignment with existing viewer behaviour. Have a clear proposition. Produce effective marketing and promotion (particularly using television programmes and channels). Maintain flexibility, so elements can be added and dropped, depending on how they are received by viewers. If necessary, get partners involved in development. If necessary, include other media as part of the final offering (the internet and mobile phones, for example). Tools for use for making interactive video- and podcasts.

Multi-room audio without wiring

4YourEars - Powerline Audio - Multi-room audio without wiring: "Powerline Audio uses you existing mains wiring to transmit high quality audio signals throughout your home. The Powerline Audio Source streams music from your DVD/Video/CD/MP3/AM/FM player to the Powerline network."


Audioblogger enables audio posting to your current blog site with any phone at any time from any where. Its easy and fun. Actually, it is simpler than publishing a text post. You call the number, record a post, then your blog is updated with an audioblogger icon and a link to your recorded audio. Super simple.

Does it only work in the US? Yes, unfortunately. The number that I should call is located in the US. Audioblogger has plans to put this service everywhere in the world where there is a blogger blogging. They ask me to send them an email if I/you/we would like to see the service in my/our area. Where should I send the email?

Interactive media

InDiMedia Forside: "User Centred ITV Systems, Programmes and Applications Aalborg University, Denmark, Wednesday March 30 - Friday April 1 2005"

Audioblogging tool for on the road shows, podcasts and interviews.

The Harrow Group

The Harrow Group: "This may be the single most fascinating newsletter there is on technology and its impact on our future, both pragmatically and philosophically".

Our work is to integrate technology to food, wood, travel, services and new business ideas.

Why Podcasting

Why I'm Not Smoking the Podcasting Dope Darren Barefoot

There are so many possibilities. Which roads should we chose?

Unbound Spiral

Unbound Spiral: "Concurrently Skype growth has accelerated with over 2m active online and some 40m minutes a day. New products both hardware and software for Skype are emerging daily. Each day Skype adds another 130000 users. With 24+ million Skypers the majority early adopters, computer literate, these are the current change agents for the communications society. While for the most part tied to desktops and headsets they will become part of a mobile social communications revolution. "

It was a historical Skype day for Nylands Hantverk. We arranged he first Skype conference starting at 12h00 and talking until 13h00. More people joined during the day.

Smart Mobs Skype Outlook

Smart Mobs: "Peter Kalmstrom highlights in the ratio behind an Outlook Skype plug-in he created. Although Stuart Henshall pointed to this Skype dialer for Outlook earlier, this outlook skype zip is quite timely now. You probably already have a number of contacts in Outlook.
This application allows you to use those contacts to call directly via Skype and also store the Skype information directly in the Outlook Contact. The contacts folder can be either a private or a public folder. Using a public folder gives the added benefit of allowing multiple users to share Skype friends lists. Also, calls can be logged as journal items in any private or public folder." No snow in the Loviisa Park today. There was a big market at the market square. It has been a sunny day and great great things are happening.