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Intel wireless networking

Intel talks up universal wireless networking - "The chip giant is scheduled to demonstrate advances in the development of so-called 'agile radio' at a VLSI (Very Large-Scale Integration) Symposium today in Kyoto, Japan.

'What we want to accomplish is the ability to connect to any network, any time, anywhere. The user will not have to worry if he is on a Wi-Fi network or a cellphone network,' said Krishnamurthy Soumyanath, director of the Communications Lab at Intel's Corporate Technology Group.

Intel is set to present a chip at the VLSI Symposium that features both a 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio running on only 1.4 volts. The chip supports up to 40MHz of bandwidth, up from today's 20MHz versions. The higher frequency will support data rates beyond 100Mbps, enough to deliver streaming video over a wireless connection. Today's Wi-Fi technology offers only 54Mbps, but Intel expects the forthcoming 802.11n standard to raise supported bandwidth.

The low …

Skype Connect Via Santa Cruz

Networking Pipeline Skype Users Connect Via Santa Cruz Networks' API: "Starting Wednesday, users of Skype Technologies VoIP service are being offered a free video, voice, and data-sharing service developed by Santa Cruz Networks.
The vSkype Beta is presented in both peer-to-peer and server-based solutions. "

Songdo Intelligent City

City Mayors: Songdo Intelligent City: "Introducing Songdo Intelligent City. Songdo Intelligent City will be developed as a centre for Asia-Pacific multinational headquarters, global business, and a high value-added knowledge-based industrial complex. The British construction firm AMEC has signed a memorandum of understanding with the City of Incheon to build a Second Airport Bridge that will link Songdo Intelligent City and Incheon International Airport (IIA). The Second Airport Bridge will be completed by 2008."

RFID Korea

The South Korean government will invest a whopping $800 million into RFID research and development, having identified the technology as a very promising growth center for the country over the next decade. The handset business is very big but RFID will be as important. Korea is trying to procure a number of goals with RFID and the application of new technology brings benefits in all social systems including the individual family Families could start seeing RFID in the home with fridges that track what has been eaten. RFID tags broadcast unique identifier signals over a radio frequency, which means their movement can be tracked over long ranges.

Philips and Texas Instruments

TI-RFid Press Release: Philips and Texas Instruments Join Forces to Accelerate EPC Generation 2 RFID Deployment

Where can it be used?RetailCar IndustryManufacturingPharmacyPackagingFashionLogisticsContainersMedicalPostal servicesDelivery servicesSports eventsFast foodCultural eventsMilitary logistics

Symbol Adds Tag Reader, Microsoft Link to RFID Line

Symbol Adds Tag Reader, Microsoft Link to RFID Line: "Unlike bar code scanning, RFID can collect data about objects without direct line-of-sight connectivity between the scanned object and the reader device"

New Intermec IF5 Intelligent RFID Reader

Fast Moving : New Intermec IF5 Intelligent RFID Reader: "ProScan recently introduced one of the industry's first intelligent RFID (radio frequency identification) readers, the Intermec IF5, which is certified for use by customers around the world.

Intelligent readers perform on-board decision-making, similar to a server connected to an RFID reader, in order to filter incoming RFID tag data. This eliminates both the need for extra servers and potential points of failure in the system, removing risk and extra cost for users.

Intermec's IF5 is compliant to ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institutue) radio standards for operation in Europe; both under the lower power 0.5W erp (EN300 220) standard and the newly established 2.0W erp (EN302 208) RFID standard that permits higher RF power. Intermec is the first manufacturer to complete compliance requirements."

Read Flawlessly By Intermec IF5 Reader

Tags From Multiple Vendors Read Flawlessly By Intermec IF5 RFID Reader: "By the end of 2005, more than 100 METRO Group suppliers are expected to migrate to Generation 2 RFID technology for improved asset tracking and inventory control. METRO Group, which has 2,300 stores in 30 countries around the world, launched its first RFID pilot project in November 2004. To date more than 100,000 pallets have been read using Metro's current RFID system."

Electric meters to GPRS by 2010

Nordic countries to have 5-8 mln electric meters connected to GPRS by 2010 IT Facts - Your Daily Research Synopsis "At least 5 mln electricity meters will be connected to GPRS networks in the Nordic region by 2010, according to Berg Insight. Regulatory requirements and increasing competition in the energy industry is creating a mass market for automated meter reading solutions in Sweden, Denmark and Finland, worth several bln euros. Leading energy companies in the region are teaming up with IT and telecom companies to ensure that electricity customers get accurate energy bills based on actual power consumption. The number of remotely read electricity meters in the Nordic region will grow from less than 1 mln in 2005 to over 8 mln in 2010. The current forecasts indicate a market share of 60% for GPRS in the Nordic market in the coming years. Power line communication and unlicensed radio frequencies are the main competing technologies."

For the love of research

Image 06/09/2005 For the love of research: "SRI is known in Silicon Valley mostly as the birthplace of the mouse -- as far as it's known at all. Most people don't know that SRI International also developed the first system to electronically sort checks. It created the first fax machine. And it has been responsible for major innovations in everything from less invasive surgery to robotics."

What kind of innovation centers could be built around the pulp and paper and global transportation of forestry products in this area?

Sicherheitsfarbe im Flexodruck

Sicherheitsfarbe im Flexodruck. Creo und XINK Laboratories kündigen die weltweit erste Sicherheitsfarbe für die Großserienproduktion von RFID-Antennen im Flexodruckverfahren an. Ein neu formulierter verdeckter Markierungsstoff verhindert Fälschung von RFID-Funketiketten.