The Laptop Trail from China to Loviisa - The Laptop Trail: "When a customer in the U.S. / Europe clicks on Hewlett-Packard Co.'s Web site to purchase one of its Pavilion zd8000 laptop computers, the order quickly arrives thousands of miles away at a factory in China run by a less-familiar name, Quanta Computer Inc.

I wrote this 6/13/05 at 7:35 AM

Although virtually unknown to consumers, Quanta is the world's biggest maker of laptops.

That was three years ago. What about today? How has the production landscape changed?

As part of a sometimes-difficult symbiosis, the Taiwanese company makes roughly one-quarter of the world's portable computers, which are then sold by brands such as H-P and Dell Inc.

HP was going through a difficult period. Things have changed. We don't remember the change of management anymore.

Quanta collects components from countries around the world and assembles them at its Quanta Shanghai Manufacture City complex.

I've to buy a new laptop soon. This one is at the end of its lifecycle. Haven't decided which way to go.

The picture and story doesn't seem very related unless I start thinking about globalization of production and the logistical improvements large manufacturing companies have been going through since 2005.

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