New Intermec IF5 Intelligent RFID Reader

Fast Moving : New Intermec IF5 Intelligent RFID Reader: "ProScan recently introduced one of the industry's first intelligent RFID (radio frequency identification) readers, the Intermec IF5, which is certified for use by customers around the world.

Intelligent readers perform on-board decision-making, similar to a server connected to an RFID reader, in order to filter incoming RFID tag data. This eliminates both the need for extra servers and potential points of failure in the system, removing risk and extra cost for users.

Intermec's IF5 is compliant to ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institutue) radio standards for operation in Europe; both under the lower power 0.5W erp (EN300 220) standard and the newly established 2.0W erp (EN302 208) RFID standard that permits higher RF power. Intermec is the first manufacturer to complete compliance requirements."
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