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SISU English: "SISU Enterprises represents the products RCMTurbo and SOS from the Australian company Strategicorp. Strategicorp has over 2000 customer world wide. RCMTurbo is an expert system for rapid reliability centered maintenance deployment:
  1. It makes sure that the user is following the SAE JA1011 standard.
  2. Economic optimization to establish most appropriate maintenance mode of either Operate-to-Failure (OTF), Fixed-time-maintenance (FTM), condition-based-maintenance (CBM) or re-design.
  3. Calculates and suggest optimum maintenance intervals for FTM and CBM.
  4. Keeps record and creates numerous reports of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FEMA)

SOS is an expert system to establish the right amount of spares based on criticality and economics.

SISU Enterprises is not only a Strategicorp representative but also licensed to provides product training and support to ensure that our customers are getting maximum benefits from both products.

SISU provides training in English, Finnish and German. RCMTurbo and SOS are available in English and Finnish and by the beginning of year 2006 also in German.

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