RFID Forecasts

As a summary from the latest research by IDTechEx, in 2006 almost three times the volume of RFID tags will be sold than over the previous 60 years since their invention, primarily driven by the use of RFID for tagging vehicles, pallets and cases.
This exponential growth will continue and, by 2015, the value of sales of RFID tags will have increased by thirteen times over the figure for 2005. The value of the total market, including systems and service, will be $24.5 billion in 2015.
Primarily, this will be driven by another new and dramatic development. This will be the tagging of high volume items - notably consumer goods, drugs and postal packages - at the request of retailers, military forces and postal authorities and for legal reasons.
In these cases, the primary benefits sought will be broader and include cost, increased sales, improved safety, reduced crime and improved customer service. "
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