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Matkalla maailmalle

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Vuoden kuluttua jengi operoi maailmanlaajuisilla markkinoilla. Osa niistä avaa ovia Euroopan markkinoilla. Näin se menee.

Business relationship

What are social media? Blogs, digital stories, RSS feeds, wikis and social networks represent a new generation of tools that bring companies and users into a dynamic, ongoing conversation. More than 15,000 new blogs are created every day — over 17 million in all. Find out how blogs can benefit your business.
Business relationship like personal ones requires work, alot of work. If you are to survive then you need to embrace change, look for opportunites. We are doing that by charging ourself and our partners to think outside our traditional organizational boxes and find new opportunites and embrace change.
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Business visionaries set a direction in uncharted waters. Google tries to design products that people find useful, if they happen to find a way to make money on it later on, good. The method Google is using seems successful because (surprise!) people are more…