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Audio on the web

Audio on the web is interesting. People like to know more about it. What motivated to go to audio? There was a huge conversation going on 2003. It was the next natural step, not to replace text but to add content. We have lived in a world where TV, radio and Newspapers delivered the content. That is going to change.-Text blog-Audioblog-Video will come down the roadHow should people use the audioblogs? How should it be indexed? Audio can’t stand alone. After you do the recording you add information about the audio. A description about what the audio is talking about is a necessity.-Create a play list-Syndicated feed-Flash has a high presence in the browser space-Flash or MP3-It should be short form contentThe players are so accessible. A blog recorder can also be Flash based. Mp3 and Flash media, people are not used to set levels on Mac’s or PC’s. Using a laptop with a with a small needle microphone. Servers are dedicated to audio but doing some other things as well.The syndication thi…