Network of DVTV journalists

Micromovies and microdocuments are leading us to new possibilities for making documentaries on phones and to distribute them over wireless networks. The participants and contributors can be:
  • Professionals
  • Amateurs
  • Journalists
Our intention is to get these people togeter. We try to avoid the outsider point of view. And hopefully we are able to invent a new way of thinking and the microdocumentary as a new form of content:
  • Electronic storytelling
  • Good narratives work
  • Creating travelling DVD theatre
  • Cooperate with local people
  • It will be a social happning
  • People are willing to talk and participate in the production process
  • The social aspects of "us" working together
  • Online debate: making something before the catasrophe comes
  • No limits by the physical infrastructure
  • Television, mobile mms, interent, installations, interactive applications
  • We are using available test platforms for mobile distribution
  • And content specifi test platforms
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