Two billion cell phone users


Are Japan and Korea going to take the lead in the race into the future next generation cell phones? The carriers and phone manfucaturers are developing services and models that provide a wide range of continuous usage for both multimedia and collaborative users. Some say, that Japan and Korea are years ahead of us (even the Finns?), or at least, of most of the world. Your phone will most likely include numerous services and features:
  1. Several channels of digital television from crisp, widescreen format
  2. The phones can be used to surfe the net
  3. They serve as debit cards for micropayments
  4. Phones play music and you can play online games with them
  5. The phones can be used to take photos
  6. People in transit tap messages to friends, family and collegues
  7. You can make traditional phone calls
  8. Shoppers pay for groceries with their digital wallets
  9. When lost in the city, you can use GPS-guided maps to navigate to your hotel or final destination
  10. The law: you can change carrier without changing your mobile number
The big carriers - mobile service providers - are:
  1. NTT
  2. DoCoMo
  3. KDDI
  4. Softbank's Vodafone
The future will include:
  1. RFID for near field communication
  2. Use your phone as a television tuner
  3. Ever improved high-speed mobile networks
  4. The phone is becoming the center for the mobile individuals busy lives
  5. You can watch you websites and carry with you your PPT-presentations
  6. Photo- and videoblogging while on the road becomes possible
  7. It will be easier for users to upload videoclips (micromovies)
  8. The phone becomes your corporate identity card (ID)
  9. Create and listen podasts with your mobile phone
What will the future bring? The only thing we can really prepare for is a dramatic change.
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