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It didn't start yet

I tryed to do the change. It didn't work out as I expected. I need to learn how to make the change.

Blogger Beta

I like the blogger Beta version and they are now switching all the older versions over to betas. I guess this will happen with this blog as well.


Changing our attitude towards the tools we use and developing a collaborative mentality enables people to work together over the internet. We live now in a very different world. Open and real-time interaction with people around the globe has become possible. We can chat, skype, IM, yahoo or google our not so well know friends wherever they are. Various breakthroughs in collaborative software have allowed projects over the internet and inside businesses to expand at a much more rapid rate. Listen to podcast about this topic.

IST Helsinki


IST 2006 Helsinki

The IST event will gather together all the key players of European information society technologies. The event concentrates on European policies, strategies, research activities and results in all areas of the Information Society. We welcome you to participate in the conference, exhibition and networking events. The conference programme should appeal to decision-makers from the public sector, private industry and the world of research as well as to interested citizens. The Exhibition shows concrete results of research in and beyond Europe made possible by the IST Programme. Networking Sessions complement the conference and exhibition and contribute to one of the prime objectives of the European Commission in the area of R&D - to encourage forward thinking and collaborative initiatives for FP7. At the IST 2006 you’ll also hear the latest news on the 7th Framework Programme. The event is organised by the European Commission in cooperation with Tekes, Finnish Funding Agency for Techn…

Innovation and Technology

The World Healthcare Innovation and Technology Congress (WHIT Congress), co-sponsored by The Wall Street Journal is a global forum presenting innovative technological advances and thought leadership in the use of technology to transform healthcare practice and enable better access, quality, safety, and greater cost effectiveness in the delivery of healthcare. As the independent voice in transforming healthcare through technology – the congress maintains accurate and balanced content by providing diverse perspectives based on the first-hand experience of leading payers, providers, and policy makers -- providing you with the objective information and the leading case studies needed to make sound management, purchasing and investment decisions.

Innovations in health care

Health care is rich in evidence-based innovations, yet evenwhen such innovations are implemented successfully in one location,they often disseminate slowly—if at all. Diffusion ofinnovations is a major challenge in all industries includinghealth care.
Diffusion of innovations is a major challenge
This article examines the theory and research onthe dissemination of innovations and suggests applications ofthat theory to health care. It explores in detail 3 clustersof influence on the rate of diffusion of innovations withinan organization:
the perceptions of the innovation,
the characteristicsof the individuals who may adopt the change,
and contextualand managerial factors within the organization. This theorymakes plausible at least 7 recommendations for health care executiveswho want to accelerate the rate of diffusion of innovationswithin their organizations:
find sound innovations,
find andsupport "innovators,"
invest in "early adopters,"
make earlyadopter activity observa…

Helath Care Innovations

Health Care Innovations is the leading provider of supplemental nursing services to health care institutions in Michigan. The agency provides highly-skilled, specialty care nursing professionals to its clients' institutions on a term and per diem basis. With a pool of over 500 highly specialized professionals, Innovations also provides Occupational Health Services for industry and other institutions offering health care.

I'm looking for low-cost medical services developments in US. There has been an attempt to get services located at Wal-Marts. I need to find more information about this.

Managing growth

As businesses progress from small to midsize organizations, their dependency on IT solutions also increases. If you work for a midsize firm, your company has probably already automated several core business functions, such as inventory management, customer relationship management, and Web site content management.

As these systems become more critical to keeping the business running smoothly and to ensuring customer satisfaction, they increasingly dictate that service desk personnel must handle problems more efficiently and effectively.

This often presents a challenge for midsize companies, many of which simply lack the IT staff and budgets needed to deploy, run and manage the industrial-strength help desk software solutions designed for large enterprises.

There're numerous alternatives for SMEs to choose from. When the mission is clear it's not such a big problem to find the right tools. Using them efficiently is another question. How can we get our people to use all the networki…