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eHealth Baltic Sea Region

The European regions are facing similar social, political, and economic challenges today and in the future. The health care sectors in particular have to deal with the rising demand for services in addition to limited budgetary conditions.
Rising demand of services
The regions are faced with the demographic changes and the challenge of ensuring that citizens in both urban centres and peripheral areas have the same access to health care services. Thus, access to high quality health care services for all citizens, regardless of where they live, is crucial for the attractiveness and competitiveness of European regions.Europeans are getting older
The European Union supports two eHealth projects within the Baltic Sea Region: INTERREG III B programme “Baltic eHealth” and “eHealth for Regions”. Over 20 partners are participating in the two projects. The partners come from regions covering almost the whole Baltic Sea area and together they pursue the vision of “Health for all“ citizens.Interreg

Text and no Face

"People in their teens and 20s feel more comfortable using a text message to communicate something serious than having to confront someone. It is instant gratification - and delayed mortification. At some point they will have to yell at each other."

No supercomputers needed

We had some time to experiment with podcast production with a small mobile Creative MP3 player. Doinita, Ferran and Helge are talking about education and research. I like to point out that this and the previous recording from Helsinki IST 2006 are experiments with very small and low-cost devices. We wanted to experiment and to explore how we could create time and location shifted content that could be expanded into various learning processes to support people on the move.
Podcast from Helsinki IST 2006 Published 27-Nov-2006 14:11 The User Generated Content is 12.6M Artists: Doinita, Ferran, The Supercomputer man and HelgeListen to the podcast MP3
Distance learning of truck drivers who are on the road University professors podcasting lectures to their students and they can listen while they are on the bus or exercising Distance learning of people who don't have own computers but can download MP3's at Internet Cafés Low-cost MP3 players / recorders …

Zune On Wireless

Waiting for the Calcanis podcast

"Jason Calacanis, the outspoken blogger and entrepreneur who ran AOL’s Netscape division, resigned on Thursday in the wake of the firing of AOL’s chief executive, Jonathan Miller. " Writes New York Times. There's light at the end of the tunnel. The man already has or had plans to start a new company.

"Mr. Calacanis sold his company, Weblogs Inc., a network of blogs, to AOL last year and continued to run it from offices in Santa Monica, Calif. This year he took over, transforming it from a Web portal into a site that lets users vote and comment on news articles." Writes NCY. "In recent months, Mr. Calacanis said he was considering leaving AOL to start a new company. His decision to resign was hastened by the news that Time Warner, AOL’s parent, had replaced Mr. Miller with Randy Falco, the president of the NBC Universal Television Group."
Jason McCabe Calacanis is CEO and co-founder of Weblogs Inc., a network of widely read blogs including E…


Hi was known as Jason Calacanis. His mission was to change AOL with Jon Miller. 4 am writing a blog post. Inside news are telling he is quitting AOL. But the "Jason Nation" is probably going to continue.
"Today was a very sad day for me. One of the few mentors I've had in my life, Jon Miller, was replaced as CEO of AOL. He is telling about why he is leaving AOL. "I feel in love with the challenge of AOL 18 months ago when Jon Miller, Ted Leonsis, and Jim Bankoff courted me and my team to join their revival of the company. The goal was ambitious: move AOL from a multi-billion dollar subscription business to an advertising business--in real time. It was a crazy mission, and as you can probably guess I'm always up for a crazy mission.

Leading this mission was Jon Miller, a quiet samurai of a leader who built our turnaround team and plan--and then lead us into battle as we relentlessly executed against it. I watched him masterfully turn around AOL firsthand. It …

Apple the retailer

Enterprise Blogs

Ruby on Rails

There are new things coming to the Internet Railroad. Ruby on Rails is a new thing. Ajax is new also. These new things, fascinating technlogies have made Web 2.0, dynamic content and interactivity possile. Social Collaboration has been made possible. Soon we will have Enterprise 2.0. It's an obvious continuation.

Ajax explained

Web 2.0 goes for Enterprise 2.0

You've optimized experiences. What are rich Internet applications? Ajax and Flex are tools. Engaging user experience improves productivity and user adoption. Rich Internet Applications change the way users interact with Enterprise applications. Web 2.0 can be defined as interactive and dynamic, it's also marked by websites that get updated frequently.
A human tone of voice and communication methodsUser generated content and interactionBlogs and Wikis are the work horses of Web 2.0
Podcasts and Videocasts are new toolsets
Informal and conversational tone is important
Interact with customers and taking out the complexity
Branding your personal experienceBlogs can also be used for internal processesWeb 2.0 started 2004, now Enterprise 2.0 is comingSoical media characterized Web 2.o
Tacit media is characteristical for Enterprise 2.0
July 2005 50 million bloggersBefore Web 2.0 you didn't know "what a dog looks like"22 - 30 million US own iPods 2005
Identiyt, Multiple Idnetity…

Enterprise 2.0

Some Web 2.0 observers and advocates are saying that the Enterprise 2.0 is starting this year and transform the social collaboration into Enterprise Collaboration. The adoption rate is goint to be?
SlowMediumFastNo ideaWe will see soon?

Slide Share Agenda

Nokia N70

The future of mobile phones will include micropayments, positioning, mmms, multimedia sharing, videoblogging and podcasting features. It's essentail to make these services easy to use for the masses. We will be using the mobile phones to entertain ourself or for doing some work oriented tasks whil on the move. The cell phone will be with us everywhere. Whenever there is a 10 minutes break or you have to sit in the bus for 15 minutes to four hours, the phone will be the tool of your choice. The limitations of small screen and not so easy to use keyboard is compensated by the size -- the small size -- whil you don't need a table to perform you task.


User Generated Music


First-time entrepreneurs often believe that there is one right answer for every challenge that is thrown their way. One right answer almost never exists.

Hollywood actor takes over

"Tom Cruise has landed another mission: bring back a venerable Hollywood label that was founded in the spirit of giving artists freedom to create without big studios pulling the strings. " I read from the news. That's quite interesting. The crafts-people are taking over, getting back into power. What will be the end-result? Let's wait and see.

ABC News: "The deal to put Cruise and his producing partner, Paula Wagner, in charge of United Artists was announced Thursday by MGM."

United Artists is the name of the company. The name had a meaning 85 years ago when it was founded in 1919 by Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, D.W. Griffith and Douglas Fairbanks. Now, with the artists back in power, they intend to produce anything from $100 million action flicks to lower-budget films.

Podcast Mobile Phones Future

Podcast about The mobile phone future. There will be more text about this later. Have a good time listening.

MeshUp in Barcelona

MeshUp is the Information and Communication technology to merge different public or private data, content, application, license, mixed networks, infrastructure, device and embedded system from different owners, suppliers or providers to create, enhance or enable a new information and communication service.

MeshUp is also the platform to develop web 2.0, AJAX and mobile applications for IST MEDIA Profiling website to populate company and project rich presentations on the net.
WebcastingNarrowcastingPodcastingProducer PPT
Aggregating media contents and mobile applications in an unique IST profile classify by Competences Taxonomies. Objectives:
A RTD+I IST competences profile for all, in rich media, tuning and integrating the disperse database and distributed content.Support to collaborate in EU-ISTA better arrangement of the IST-2006 individual agendasOpen a field of potential mobile applications managed through Network 2.0An Instrument for this IST-2006 and next events I will be writing mo…

Moving over to Beta

I'm in the process of transforming all my blogger blogs to beta, which is a great advantage while I can manage them all without the need to do multiple logins. I think this will give me the opportunity to have a better control over the content on the individual blogs. The basic idea is to have different focuses in different blogs.
Visualradio - Mobile Technology, Big Screens, Signage and Internet
Digital Villages - Information technology and EU cooperation
Cuvia - Visual things, visual assets and contents management
Smart Roads - Road Information Systems
KK-Net - Innovation and Technology, Business Management, Global Operations
Valtatie FIN Road Information
Tietotie FIN I guess somehow related to Travel and Research
Nylands - I'm not yet sure. It could be bioenergy and process managementNiemi Product - is quite clearCraftDesign - The Frö collectionTahti - Tähtitaajamat is a pretty localized activity in FinnishKK-Net will be about Business Planning, New Ventures Financing and things re…