Hi was known as Jason Calacanis. His mission was to change AOL with Jon Miller. 4 am writing a blog post. Inside news are telling he is quitting AOL. But the "Jason Nation" is probably going to continue.
"Today was a very sad day for me. One of the few mentors I've had in my life, Jon Miller, was replaced as CEO of AOL. He is telling about why he is leaving AOL. "I feel in love with the challenge of AOL 18 months ago when Jon Miller, Ted Leonsis, and Jim Bankoff courted me and my team to join their revival of the company. The goal was ambitious: move AOL from a multi-billion dollar subscription business to an advertising business--in real time. It was a crazy mission, and as you can probably guess I'm always up for a crazy mission.

Leading this mission was Jon Miller, a quiet samurai of a leader who built our turnaround team and plan--and then lead us into battle as we relentlessly executed against it. I watched him masterfully turn around AOL firsthand. It was impressive considering when I got here the company was torn between the two business models (subscription and advertising), and a year later we were CRUSHING Yahoo's growth rate and were second only to Google's. It wasn't easy to turn this huge ship around, but we did it thanks to Jon's leadership." Jason writes on his blog.
His podcast is telling about what did happen. Listen to the podcast. He really don't know if there is a future for him in the company when he is podcasting. He is going to take a week-end and think about it. He learend a lot about how to scale a business. They got the spirit of debate going on. Now he's looking at how to changing the future.

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