MeshUp in Barcelona

MeshUp is the Information and Communication technology to merge different public or private data, content, application, license, mixed networks, infrastructure, device and embedded system from different owners, suppliers or providers to create, enhance or enable a new information and communication service.

MeshUp is also the platform to develop web 2.0, AJAX and mobile applications for IST MEDIA Profiling website to populate company and project rich presentations on the net.
  • Webcasting
  • Narrowcasting
  • Podcasting
  • Producer PPT
Aggregating media contents and mobile applications in an unique IST profile classify by Competences Taxonomies. Objectives:
  • A RTD+I IST competences profile for all, in rich media, tuning and integrating the disperse database and distributed content.
  • Support to collaborate in EU-IST
  • A better arrangement of the IST-2006 individual agendas
  • Open a field of potential mobile applications managed through Network 2.0
  • An Instrument for this IST-2006 and next events
I will be writing more about this and do some linking.
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