Web 2.0 goes for Enterprise 2.0

You've optimized experiences. What are rich Internet applications? Ajax and Flex are tools. Engaging user experience improves productivity and user adoption. Rich Internet Applications change the way users interact with Enterprise applications. Web 2.0 can be defined as interactive and dynamic, it's also marked by websites that get updated frequently.
  • A human tone of voice and communication methods
  • User generated content and interaction
  • Blogs and Wikis are the work horses of Web 2.0
  • Podcasts and Videocasts are new toolsets
  • Informal and conversational tone is important
  • Interact with customers and taking out the complexity
  • Branding your personal experience
  • Blogs can also be used for internal processes
  • Web 2.0 started 2004, now Enterprise 2.0 is coming
  • Soical media characterized Web 2.o
  • Tacit media is characteristical for Enterprise 2.0
  • July 2005 50 million bloggers
  • Before Web 2.0 you didn't know "what a dog looks like"
  • 22 - 30 million US own iPods 2005
  • Identiyt, Multiple Idnetity, Flexible Identity, Electronic Identity
  • Sharing, Mashups, Barcamp and open source working culture
  • Innovation Culture
  • Digital Culture
  • Web 2.0
  • Progress (old closed)
  • Innovation is networking (new open)
  • Time shifting
  • Expanding Classroom
  • Review Capability
  • When studying a new phenomenon, describing what you are looking at is a great place to start.
  • Imagine that I'm a student is a part of the identity building when you start to make your first podcast (take a role)
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