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The Future Mobile 2.0

The Future Mobile 2.0As the number of standard mobile phone features grows, so does the number of touchpoints companies can use to interact with their end users.The present phones have lots of features that no-one is usingThey have too small screens for real Web 2.0 and Mobile 2.0 convergenceBut even though cell phones that are capable of accessing mobile data channels like the mobile Web, SMS, and MMS are becoming the norm, adoption of these channels among North American consumers is low.Phones are still phones, they are voice and SMS, they have camerasBut how can I do some decent work with a present phone?The screens are too small and they keys are too small for my fingersI need a bigger phone: a phone with pocket buck size screen and a keyboardIt should cost half of a laptop, but it should be a phone as wellWhat is the problem with phones? Mobile channels have strengths and weaknesses in terms of their inherent capabilities for supporting dif…

New Blogger

I'm working with the new blogger. We've several channels. There will be a differentiation of the content.

Apple Store

Apple World and CES

"Under tisdagskvällen svensk tid kommer Apples vd Steve Jobs hålla ett tal vid Macworld Conference & Expo i San Fransisco. Nu spekuleras det hej vilt att Jobs kommer presentera en mobiltelefon eller en TV. Det rapporterar bland annat nyhetsbyrån AP. " Writes Aftonbladet in Sweden.

* CES Exhibition - Big and even bigger screens
* Mac World - Apple launching a new world class product