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Blowing things up on blogs

When the facts are available

Long term bloggersDoing a lot on fun on blogsOverreacting and getting into the blogosphereWhat are the events that aren't noticed?Acid in the atmosphereDo you read ther traditional news reportsIn Bagdad any ordinary thing could be a bombBritain is becoming a surveillance societyGreater surveillance and greater fearCorporations happily turn over databases
The time of privacy is overWe're soon a 24 hrs reality TV-showI write what we feel good aboutHow can we make money about what we write?Did you write about a laser guided graffiti thing?Do you know about the graffiti lab?Get out on magnetic surfacesMake this system that uses a projector and a laser pointer

Ultra Wide Band

Commission takes important step towards a single market for next generation wireless devices A single market for a new generation of mass-market consumer electronics (laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras, TVs...), that can exchange data wirelessly at very high rates over short distances is a step closer. The Commission Decision adopted today outlines the mandatory conditions for using ultra-wideband (UWB) technology in these next generation wireless devices all across the European Union.ULTRA WIDE BAND WIRELESS NETWORKS“By removing the cables that link the electronic devices we use in everyday life, ultra-wideband technology can extend the Information Society in many areas of society,” said EU Telecoms and Media Commissioner Viviane Reding. “However, to benefit our citizens, it is important that we establish a functioning single market for these devices in the European Union. By adopting a harmonising decision today, the Commission allows innovators to use this new technology throu…


We are working with a Mobiel User Generated Content Project where we will do microbranding of small and large services. The first idea is concentrated to Tourism applications.
Microbranding User Generated Content Distributed Collaborative Open Source Project Management Minimaslistic Information content for Small Screen Mobile Devices

Intelligent Media Systems

Intelligent Media Systems and Services Research Laboratory (IMSS), School of Systems Engineering, University of Reading, UK.
"Dear Colleague," writes Atta Badi. He is the Research Director at Intelligent Media Systems & Services Research Laboratory (IMSS) and Department of Computer Science at theUniversity of Reading, UK.Helge: "I decided that we will open up a dialogue with the people working within the EU FP7 framework. There are opportunities waiting for us, but we've to open up and get from our national boundaries and strong holds. I comment Atta Badi's suggestions between the lines. I'd also like to have your inputs." IMSS is considering FP7 collaboration in the areas underpinned by our multi-disciplinary record of successful funded research such as secure and trusted systems & services, collaborative- cognitive-semantic systems-robotics, digital libraries multimodal retrieval and e-learning, wearables-assisted tele-healthcare and ambient-as…

Digg and Dell

Dell launched "IdeaStorm", a Digg-style customer feedback site which invites users to submit and vote on ways to improve the company's product line and service.

That's a true innovation. This means big corporation asking users, clients and potential clients, how to make products and services better. User Generated Product / Service development.

Creating such a public and transparent feedback-loop is a brave move by a company that is too often associated with exploding laptops and poor customer support, and which has long been the blogosphere's favorite football. But the pay-off could be significant. Steve O'Hear reports.

Innovation takes courage. Leaders can't be afraid of the reactions of masses. Political leaders should be familiar with this. But this is probably new for the industry.

CRM Functionality

From a functionality standpoint, most CRM applications revolve around a common set of business objects such as
Product, or
They are usually developed on top of a relational database management system, and provide basic reporting capabilities. The more advanced solutions add case management, document management, and project management modules, as well as full fledge ERP functionality in the case of Netsuite and Salesboom.

All the applications we reviewed support data sharing across team members, as well as data import and export, but only a handful provides support for publishing and syndication. All top 5 solutions provide a complete API for integration with external systems.
Does your CRM application support advanced integration with Microsoft Outlook?Migration from one CRM system to another is a lot more complexPrice per user and per month varies from $5.95 to $125

Manufacturing Capacity in Africa

"Manufacturing capacity has declined in some parts of Africa as trade barriers dip and global competition rises, especially from China, reports the Washington Post. That’s left African business leaders turning more and more to extractive industries, while at the same time trying to profit from the sea of finished Chinese goods that is washing across the continent." Writes the Innovations in Emerging Markets blogger.Chinese are investing in key infrastructure projects in AfricaThe Chinese promised to double Africa’s aid and offered $5 billion in new loans
One Chinese company will build an $8.3 billion railroad project in Nigeria, to be paid for with the country’s oil revenueChina’s trade with Africa, which reached $40 billion in 2005, is expected to hit $100 billion by 2010.


eCraft Etima provides ERP and CRM solutions that are rapidly deployable and cost effective. Etima is able to provide you with a system that will take your business to the next level, rapidly and efficiently.

The Way We Work

We're now at the esatblish objectives stage and developing an action plan with our partners.

Cambronne Metro

Olli, when you're going to visit our trading partner in Paris, this will be the metro station.

Mediterranean Area

Mediterranean Area. We are looking for fishing industry development partners.

North Africa



Take a look at this link.

Hygien Products


Industrial Partners

The site locations are in Northern Africa:
Hygien productsElectric Cable manufacturing plantSalt production plantFishery development projectMobile Phones

Sawmill Products

We're looking for Construction timber producers that would like to deliver sawmill products for the construction industry in North-Africa. We first need to have:
PriceQualityTransport costsShipment and logistics modelProduction and dimension flexibilityWhat if specific dimensions are required?Origin of production:
FinlandRussiaPossible ports:

Global Collaboration


The Interview

Getting a presentation slot at a demo conference can really help launch a company, but the fact is that demo-style conferences have turned into cash cows for big conference companies and the small entrepreneur is now being forced to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to buy their space. What are the alternative ways to get into the US market?
There will not be a complete answer yet. But I'll start to make interviews with people who can give a grass roots view and opinion. What are people waiting for? What kind of gadgets would they love to have.Why don't we listen to what people have to say? There is a lot of common sense and in depth knowledge available. We just need to listen. Things are not so complex as we tend to think. The market logic for consumer products is quite simple. People buy what they think has a value for them.

"Hello, it's the end of a very interesting week. I'd like to know how we can make the US venture to a profitable business," I aske…


The FINN-POWER Group, established in 1969, is a multinational group of companies specializing in sheet metal working technology.
I remeber reading about this company a few months ago. There was a structural change process going on. I made some notes and decided to return to details later. Here I'm. The home page can be found here. The company is looking for two diploma works engineers.
The biggest shareholder in FINN-POWER is the EQT private equity fund. Thus FINN-POWER is a member of one of the largest industrial networks in the world (see guess, the idea is to make the company profitable and on a growth curve againa and to find a buyer. The entrepreneurial spirit of the past might be a necessary added value. But let's wait and see what happens. F-P was confident that it will continue production in Finland. That's an interesting statement.
The FINN-POWER Group operates several manufacturing plants in Finland, one in Italy and sales subsidiaries in Belgium, Can…

Köln IST 2007

Objective 2007.1.1 The Network of the FutureOutcomeUbiquitous network infrastructures and architectures,Very high capacity networks, with end to end broadband capability,Scalable networks, supporting orders of magnitudes higher number of connected devices,Optimised control, management and flexibility of the future network infrastructure with self configuration capabilities,Technologies and systems architectures for the Future Internet.ImpactGlobal standards,Reinforced European industrial leadership in wired and wireless networks,New industrial/service opportunities in EuropeLower capital expenditures and lower operational expendituresFunding Schemes and Indicative Budgetcollaborative projects: 180M€Network of Excellence: 14M€Coordination & Support Actions: 6M€"The renewed cycles of external innovation and internal assimilation that renew an industry often rely on open standards and interfaces, which set a playing field for competition. How the balance is struck between open s…

Innotown Norway

I got a message from Norway. The Innotown project is continuing.

InnoTown Innovation Conference, 21 - 23 May 2007 in Alesund, Norway - the conference for the real innovation hungry!

540 participants from over 20 countries are expected to come - to let themselves be filled with inspiration and motivation for transfering new knowledge and new ideas into action on multiple levels.Over 200 seats were taken even before the program was unveiled! This beats all previous records. It is with great joy and pride we hereby present the InnoTown 07 program:

"while hoping that you also will hurry up and register to attend! We dare guarantee that you will have an unusual and extraordinarily good experience." Writes Anita.

Warm regards,
Anita, Dag and Cecilie
Phone + 47 70 13 95 00

Next InnoTown: 21 - 23 May, 2007

InnoTown Innovation Conference - Presented by Innovation Norway:
The business conference that makes you go WOW…