CRM Functionality

From a functionality standpoint, most CRM applications revolve around a common set of business objects such as
  1. Contact,
  2. Account,
  3. Lead,
  4. Activity,
  5. Opportunity,
  6. Product, or
  7. Quote.
They are usually developed on top of a relational database management system, and provide basic reporting capabilities. The more advanced solutions add case management, document management, and project management modules, as well as full fledge ERP functionality in the case of Netsuite and Salesboom.

All the applications we reviewed support data sharing across team members, as well as data import and export, but only a handful provides support for publishing and syndication. All top 5 solutions provide a complete API for integration with external systems.
  • Does your CRM application support advanced integration with Microsoft Outlook?
  • Migration from one CRM system to another is a lot more complex
  • Price per user and per month varies from $5.95 to $125
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