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Getting a presentation slot at a demo conference can really help launch a company, but the fact is that demo-style conferences have turned into cash cows for big conference companies and the small entrepreneur is now being forced to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to buy their space. What are the alternative ways to get into the US market?

There will not be a complete answer yet. But I'll start to make interviews with people who can give a grass roots view and opinion. What are people waiting for? What kind of gadgets would they love to have.

Why don't we listen to what people have to say? There is a lot of common sense and in depth knowledge available. We just need to listen. Things are not so complex as we tend to think. The market logic for consumer products is quite simple. People buy what they think has a value for them.

"Hello, it's the end of a very interesting week. I'd like to know how we can make the US venture to a profitable business," I asked.

"There are a number of ways to do it. But first you have to take a close look at the product range. The existing product range is too broad. There are so many products, such a wide range of offering that the warehousing must be eating up a big part of the profit margins."

"You're right. What do you think about design?" I asked.

"The products are too bulky. People don't have pockets big and deep enough to carry the devices.

"What else should be changed?"

"Why are they placing cameras into all their versions? That doesn't make sense. There are so many places where we can't go with camera phones or we get in trouble with lawyers."

I can’t believe it. In USA people are still buying old fashioned home phone systems. I read once more. It’s true, the story says. “We want to get a home phone system so we can easily intercom each other. Is there anyone having any experience with two-line, intercom, home systems?

We need to get out there and live the life and see how people live, work, and behave. The model has to be contextual learning. Millions of dollars are spent on market resarch that is analyzing figures, statistics, competition, demographics and trends. We need to get closer. We have to understand the differences in our societies. The US way of living is quite different from the European one. And back home in Finland things are even more apart from what we have over there.

This story is a beginning of a series where we get into trends and needs from another point of view. We look at emerging trends from the street level. We go to their homes.
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