Köln IST 2007

Objective 2007.1.1 The Network of the Future


  • Ubiquitous network infrastructures and architectures,
  • Very high capacity networks, with end to end broadband capability,
  • Scalable networks, supporting orders of magnitudes higher number of connected devices,
  • Optimised control, management and flexibility of the future network infrastructure with self configuration capabilities,
  • Technologies and systems architectures for the Future Internet.


  • Global standards,
  • Reinforced European industrial leadership in wired and wireless networks,
  • New industrial/service opportunities in Europe
  • Lower capital expenditures and lower operational expenditures

Funding Schemes and Indicative Budget

  • collaborative projects: 180M€
  • Network of Excellence: 14M€
  • Coordination & Support Actions: 6M€
"The renewed cycles of external innovation and internal assimilation that renew an industry often rely on open standards and interfaces, which set a playing field for competition. How the balance is struck between open standards and closed proprietary advantage is one of the key questions on the future of communications. It is not a balance easily struck. The most widespread social applications on the Internet have been based on open standards, or more accurately, the versions of these applications that have won in the end have been based on open standards." Writes Marco Ahtisaari.
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