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The Biodiesel US Co-op Guide

Peterborough, New Hampshire []: Many people worry about the sustainability of the ethanol and biodiesel industries. As more land and food resources are used to fuel our trucks and cars, what will be the future environmental, economic and social consequences?How about cellulose based biodiesel?How to get fair access to the market?How can smaller energy companies compete?Is this a road to a greener energy future?How about the EU target of 20 % of renewable energy 2020?The diesel engine was supposed to run with peanut oil. Biofuel production is stepping up in Brazil. But there are also critics of the Brazil ethanol production policy. The ethanol is produced from sugar cane with gasoline. Many countries are looking for alternatives for energy production.

In other to produce enough crops, there is a need to expand the amount of land to produce biofuel. Will there be enough space to produce food? The critics say, "The problem of hunger can increase."

Biodiesel Boat

Maritime Biodiesel is good for the environment. I noticed from the New Energy podcasts site: "© NewEnergy Associates, A Siemens Company 2006."

It seems natural that Siemens is doing research in the New Energy field. The biofule activities in Germand should be analyzed too.

I'm getting it. What started as a small scale and local operation is now expanding and the big players are moving to the scene. DuPont is investing lots of money to find solutions for the production of cellulose based biodiesel.

Biodiesel and the Farmers

Pacific Biodiesel takes waste cooking oil and converts it to fuel that is used by diesel trucks, cars and electric generators.

They started doing this on Maui eight years ago and have since built plants on Oahu, in Japan; Virginia, WashintonState, and Oregon and have other communities interested.

The podcast I listened to said, "We started to work with this project 1994."

Theirs is a community-based model with the eventual goal being to use a locally grown fuel crop as the basic ingredient. They just won the UN sponsored Blue Sky Award for Sustainable Development at an international competition held in China, and are the 2004 SBA Small Business of the Year for Maui.
This is a 45 minute interview and you can hear it by clicking at this LINK

Biofuel process

Peterborough, New Hampshire []: Many people worry about the sustainability of the ethanol and biodiesel industries. As more land and food resources are used to fuel our trucks and cars, what will be the future environmental, economic and social consequences?
How about cellulose based biodiesel?How to get fair access to the market?How can smaller energy companies compete?Is this a road to a greener energy future?How about the EU target of 20 % of reveweable energy 2020?

Biofuel Canada

On January 1, 2007 it becomes mandatory for all gasoline and diesel sold in Ontario, Canada to contain a minimum 5 per cent (up to ten per cent) blend of renewable fuel, such as ethanol or biodiesel. Tyler Hamilton talks with Kory Teneycke, executive director of Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, about the mandate and the state of biofuel development in Ontario. I listen to the podcast and to learn more about the biofuel and new energy. Common set of rules for the nation dictated by the federal government of Canada -Will there be enough ethanol to meet the mandate? -In the first months of 2007 there will be a big spike of ethanol import to Canada -The world ethanol production is going up with fast steps; also in Canada -It takes a year and a half to build an ethanol plant The biodiesel doesn’t get as much attention as ethanol. Biox in Canada with technology developed by the University of Toronto The controversies: -Corn eats into the world’s food supply, is said by some opponents -Should w…

Pulp Fiction and Biodiesel

My biodiesel surfing Safari is taking me to Hawaii. "Aloha and welcome to the website of Pacific Biodiesel Inc., a pioneer in the successful commercial community-scale production of Biodiesel. Explore our superior fuel quality, see our current plant locations, learn about our humble beginnings and you will go back to the future that Rudolf Diesel envisioned with his first fuel ― peanut oil!" Welcomes the Pacific Biodiesel home page.
Pacific Biodiesel, Inc.40 Hobron Avenue Kahului, Hawaii 96732I learn that, "Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made by a chemical reaction of alcohol and vegetable or animal oils, fats, or greases. Through a refinery process called transesterification, the reaction removes the glycerin -- a by-product that is not good for your engine -- which can be made into soap. Biodiesel can be used in any diesel engine in pure form or blended with petroleum diesel at any level. Even a blend of 20% bio- and 80% petroleum diesel will significantly reduce carcin…

Presenting Paul Whindly

Let me introduce Windley's Technometria. He writes about ubiquitous computing. What a word. I never write it right in the first place. U b i q u i t o u s. Cool.
If you like to listen to IT Conversations, go here (podcasts). Dr. Moira Gunn speaks with technology analyst Kevin Webach about the issues surrounding the emerging internet. They discuss the impact of media, software, telecom as well as Werbach's upcoming conference, Supernova 2007.Speak with 2, 5 billion people with mobile phonesThe emerging internetGoogle wouldn't be possible 1994Internet is a constant stage of evolutionIt started as a strange small technological developmentIt's growing to a global ecosystem and the base for a new economyOpen up the telecoms for competitionInternet should not be regualted?Not enough competition for broadband"The idea is that Moore’s Law has pushed the price of computing so low that it is nearly disposable. Computing can be everywhere. People have talked about ubiquitou…

The long distance call

Why am I doing my current profession? Communication, interaction, global networking has become a daily routine. It's important for me to be able to communicate and to interact with clients and partners that are dispersed around the globe.Computer technology has moved off the desktop and into homes, cars, pockets, and urban streets, in support of human relationships casual or intimate.Mobile bloggingInteractive while on the road
Rich mobile applicationsMobile life style initiativesDesign is intricately linked to culture and technology, both of which are changing rapidly. What does this mean for designers? What are the currently emerging social trends and technologies and how will they affect the way we design and use products?Working with the mobile devices, user experiences, citizen journalismWe start off to ask the questions?Is there a different mobile web?Is the mobile web unique?Is it an extension?We looka at the following trends and what…

Biodiesel and Ethanol

What will the truck drivers be using as driving fuel in the coming years? Some of them will be using biodiesel. What is it all about? Are we going to drive our cars and trucks with vegetables?
Support the nation through spreading the passion of biodiesel
Work with dedicated colleaguesSan Fransisco uses biodiesel in all their diesel enginesIn US the national biodiesel boardSustainability on the planetGreening the city

Gasoline and Hydroelectric

For centuries we have used two major sources of energy, one mainly for transportation and the other to help us operate machinery and other appliances inside our homes and offices. The first energy source is gasoline and the second is hydroelectricity.
Doing something big in the worldSupporting the farmersSan Fransisco and its visionClean, renewable and healthy

Ethanol, Biodiesel and Wind Energy

There are many types of energy that can replace gasoline and the traditional forms of electricity such as ethanol, biodiesel and wind energy. These types of ene…

Discussion about Neste and DuPont

Two special reports from the field
DuPont biofuelsNeste is turning it to MTBEThey look for opportunities to improve their marginThe concern is about not overflowing the ethanol marketThe mental pictureSwitching is simple ETBE and MTBEThey are the firstNetherlands plant from MTBE to ETBEETBE players are wonderingThere are advantagesUnique technologyAlternative output for their productCommittedBush wants to increase the biofuel production
Cellulose biofuelTimingIt is challenging to be there 2017DuPont is producing cellulosic ethanol using cornHow close to cellulosic? At the end of this yearCommercial scale plant 2009Corn, grain or sugar caneChallenging work for DuPont
Challenging objectivesBioethanolBiodiesel fuelNew products are coming outNumber one position in sunflower in Europe

Cellulose Plants to produce Biofuel

Producing basic ethanol from wood chips and waste wood. Green energy alternatives from around the world. Driven and resourceful thinkers from around the country. Capital from Silicon Valley.

* Go for energy crops
* Switch grass in Texas 150 years ago a bioenergy society
* Alternative sources
* Biofuel that don't use a lot of petrochemical inputs
* Corn has little benefit over petrol
* Cellulosic fuel
* Not to throw the money going to the corn based

We brought together these three things and made it our mission to become inventors on behalf of the most important client ever: our planet.

* Liquid transportation
* Oil for gasoline
* Biodiesel
* Biomass resources

What we discovered was this: energy alternatives to fossil fuels are right under our feet. By looking deeper into nature's abundance, we discovered that plants, grasses, corn stalks, wood chips, and more can be turned into clean fuel.

* Invest heavily
* Replace gasoline
* Speciality…

Corn is King in US and going towards Ethanol

Advocates of biofuel technology, which includes such fuels as ethanol, butanol, and biodiesel, say energy derived from biomass is a cleaner energy source than gasoline. Many current sources of these fuels, however, involve using plant material that could be used for food -- such as the corn or sugarcane involved in some ethanol production. Last week, six companies got grants from the federal government to work on developing motor fuels from nonfood crops. In this hour, Ira and guests talk about the future of biofuels, and the economic -- and environmental -- viability of switching to biomass-derived fuels as a major component of our energy economy.
The return isn't terrificThe department of ethanolMake ethanol from agricultural wasteSoy beansGreener fuels to the market

Garbage Packaging

Every American is generating an average of over 1600 pounds of garbage, annually, according to the EPA. Packaging comprises approximately one-third of that waste, and has, traditionally, been produced from finite resources, is non-biodegradable, and clogs our waste stream.

But some innovators are thinking outside of the box, creating 100% biodegradable food containers and quick serve items from abundant natural materials such as potatoes, rice, wheat and corn. These farm products also yield fewer greenhouse gases and require less energy to produce. Tune in to Good Dirt Radio to learn more about this innovative change in food packaging.
Some products are used for 45 minutesLower environmental impactThe same kind of physical structureDisappear within some hoursDNA analysis of the productsNature products at the Bluegrass festivalAbsolutely affordableThe hidden costsCleaning costsLandfill liability costsSaving the dime in the long runDisposables that dispose themselvesSustainable cups for b…

Filtering at Paper Plant

DCF Self-Cleaning Filtration System -- A Real World Documented Case Study. I start reading. What new will this filtering bring to the paper machine?

Two Ronningen-Petter brand Disc Cleaning Filter (DCF) stations help contract paper-coating R&D line increase capabilities, flexibility, and ease maintenance.

Continue reading man. This is going to open up a few new doors. This is important. Think about the scope of measurements to handle the proposed situations.


When a new contract paper-coating pilot plant opened recently, it sought to enhance operational capability, flexibility, and maintenance to better approximate production runs for paper mills and converters who were looking to improved their current products, develop new products, or try new coating methods/equipment.

The coating plant (along with its sister plants) is a strategic R&D resource for the paper and printing industries. Ninety percent of the plants activities -- including coating, papermaking, printing, a…

Ethanol and filtration

Ethanol is a hot topic these days even in the mass media. Ronningen-Petter brand by Eaton Corporation is one of my sponsors and this is an interview with HabibDiallo who is the Project Manager in the Ethanol line of products.
"I see three Ethanol Market Challenges," Says Habib Diallo, Senior Analyst
Unsustainable level of capital spending to build new plants for an energy source that is still inferior to gasoline.

Measuring medium to long term effect of irrigation, pesticides and fertilizers on the nation's water supplies, and..."I listen to the Podcast and start to get the point. What is the influence of filtering on the Ethanol production process?
New plants have been constructed, ethanol is becoming popular
Fertilizers effect on the waters through corn manufacturing has to be considered
We've to control the process and the effluents betterProductivity improvements can be achieved with the right methods
Long term staying power improvements
The challenge is to using th…

Innovation and Automation

Automation allows doing the products and processes with less people, to be more productive, to be more competitive in the global market place.Understanding innovation that is availableHow to get the innovation transferred to your organizationUniversities do a great job in R&DFiling for patents for the most interesting technologiesWorking with the technology transfer extension departmentsWe make initial contact with email, introduce our self with blogs and web-sites
How can we spot and find innovations?
The challenge is how to find the innovations
A lot of innovation are collecting dust on shelvesIntellectual property is there waiting to be foundThere are great potentials in the market placeHelp companies to understand the availabilityWe start the search processWe create a profile for a potential buyer
Where can we grow? How to make the connections?
Continue to explain to people the basic idea about the transfer processMarketing and sales skills are neededFind the most promising and mos…

Decling paper use in US

The increasing use of electronic communication is affecting the paper markets. U.S. demand for white or fine paper is in decline. Newsprint has also been affected by the increasing reliance on electronic media sources, reducing newspaper demand for newsprint.

Gloomy News from US and CDN

"The high costs of operating the mill are an on-going concern. The long-term outlook for the mill is still very much in doubt." Is just an example of mill related statements from North America.

Paper Mills are admitting that Internet, blogs and electronic media is having an impact. Newspapers are declining. The advertising media message is now googled and yahooed. We are moving away from paper and towards electronic media.

Domtar has decided to close its sawmill in White River, Ontario. The mill has not been profitable for the past five years.

More details about Bowater's quick decision to indefinitely close their Ignace Sawmill can be found in December 2006 Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal.

What will be the future of Pulp and Paper? Where can we find the next big thing?

Paper Mills and the future of Paper

I've been looking for blogs telling about the paper industry. There are less blogs than I expected. Paper manufacturer's and employees aren't active bloggers. That's one of the statements I'm ready to make. Paper making looks like a very traditional industry. The hype and high-profiling doesn't belong to paper making communities. The future seems to bring with it:Import from ChinaMore foreign competitionLarge and modern mills are more competitiveInternet, email, blogs and social media are eating up the markets for paperThe industry has to look for new success routes and formulasThe future might be in smart and electronic paperResearch and development has to increaseBioreactors and biofuel productionRead more from an article published about a year ago and more comments in this blog. "Once again you are putting the blame in the wrong place. If you read the article it's right there - you just need to open your eyes. Outdated technology, outdated machinery…

No one Listening

This is a podcast program i listened to during Christmas. No one is listening. The leading lady is interesting. She has a great voice (sharp) and she is funny. I like to follow her reasoning. She also covers difficult issues. Her name is Irene.
Ham radio CB 2 way communication (one way to get communication), low frequency and low reach, they went to Catharina and set them upThey didn't know what situation to controlCatharina was in a poor city and they didn't careCell phones stuffWe are not prepared for disasters in any cityWe have to care about misinformationPeople should tell how sad the the situation isRumours are creating panicCommunication systems and disastersThe number one call is house fireOpen communicationPrivate companies run the communicationThey have the same channelsI was on major radio in San FransiscoWe will know about the nitty gritty of that disasterHow to communicate in a disaster situation. At the Catharina they started a Wiki people finding blog and they s…

China Scoop

What is China Scoop? China Scoop let's you stay up to date on today's latest news about China. Find breaking news that are inspiring, thought provoking, baffling, out of the ordinary or just plain attention grabbing. The best China news added daily!

Mobile Phones from Roumania?

Reuters has been disclosing news about a 200 million mobile phone investment in Roumania. Mr. Marius Nicora from the City of Clujin has stated that the City will sign a contract with Nokia the next week. There has been rumours about this investment in a Roumania blog earlier this week. The Nokia VP of communication ArjaSuominen is not disclosing any comments about the subject.

"We've nothing new to say about this subject," Mrs ArjaSuominen says to the Finnish Online business journal Kauppalehti.

Nokia has nine manufacturing plants for volume production of mobile phones around the globe.

Two are located in Latin AmericaFour are Located in AsiaThe European plants are operating in Finland, Germany and HungaryThere is a special phones plant in UK called the Vertu plant
The rumours around Nokia's possible purchase of the US Palm company has not yet been verified. Motorola is also still in the picture. More information about these activities to be delivered soon.

Learning to talk

I've been blogging for ages and I have several channels where I write about projects, ideas and tech news. Blogging has been an educational process for me. But this is still the beginning. My goal is to learn to talk and to interact with people. So far it has been about writing a blog and expressing my opinions and ideas.

"Talking and communication is much more difficult," my teacher is telling to me. "And it's even more difficult to be small talking on the Internet."

"I agree, my blogs are long monologues, and they are more like diary stuff."

"You have to get people responding." Teacher says.

"How about starting to interview people?" I ask. "Wouldn't that be a way to get a dialogue?"

"Sure, but you have to find interesting people to interview." Teacher continues.

"I would like to profile various innovators. What do you think about that?"

"Great idea!"

Biofuel from Neste Oil, Stora Enso and United Paper Mills

Big Finnish companies are releasing plans about biofuel production. Neste Oil and Stora Enso are planning to develop Biofuel production in cooperation. The second largest Finnish Forestry giant, United Paper Mills, is going to make own technical and business solutions. UPM is looking for partners to take care of the distribution of biofuel diesel.UPM is continuing the R&D activity and building up its organisation. No tight schedules have been set. The first announcement about getting into the field of biofuel was released in October 2006. The investments in R&D have been increased from 50 million euros to 80 million euros.The company is stating that money isn’t a problem when biodiesel proves to become profitable. UPM is ready to increase its efforts in this area. Helge V. Keitelwww.kknet.fiSkype: visualradio

Power Posters and Live Bloggers

Power Posters are people that do it a lot. They post while having the passion. Maybe they are looking for recognition. I think this is a great idea. I've been moving into this direction. I started blogging sometimes around 1997. But that wasn't a blog format. I just wrote html-pages. The site was WiirlaWerkossaWiikottain. That thing isn't out anymore. I have it on hard-disk somewhere.

Bloggers have been live-blogging for a long time, and it's an especially good way to follow a news event that takes place during the day when most people can't follow it. Live-blogging from a Forum is especially good, because readers can get more than one person's reaction to the event, and the observers can exchange comments among themselves.

UPM to launch electronic paper

In innovative people we trust. Innovators are coming up with new things, creating new products and services. This week in tech over here in the deep Finnish forests, United Paper Mills (UPM) is starting the production of electronic paper. Years of product development is moving into a commercial production. The production of electronic paper is about to start at a paper mill in Ylojarvi, Finland. UPM is producing a paper like product that can be used in shop price tags to present prices and product information. The innovative part is that prices and the texts can be changed without changing the physical tag. The first electronic price tag’s applications will start at a Citymarket close to the Malmi / HelsinkiInternationalAirport. Frequent International flyers have the opportunity to visit the Citymarket (a grocery store chain) and learn more about the products. For more information, please call the writer by Skype: visualradio. A UPM spokesman estimates the electronic display laminate w…

We have starte a new global collaboration

We've just started a new online collaboration project. The operation is in beta. Isn't that a way to tell about new things that are surfacing. I wrote about.

Nokia buying Palm There have been rumours about Nokia buying Palm circulating for several weeks. Today this subject is on the news again. The stock price of Palm has been rising. This is the second time in a few weeks time. It’s probable that something will happen soon. Nokia’s President and CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo is spending one week per month in US. He has said, that he will continue to search for a solution and continue with his efforts until Nokia’s market share in US is improving. About Huliq is an independent news organization and is owned by Hareyan Publishing LLC, Our mission is to report the news and inform the public. Our news comes from Huliq editors, organizations that submit news stories and from citizen journalists. The driving force to write a news story is to share your event with the world and pro…

The steps towards an innovation economy

The steps towards an innovation economy Finland is a small and open economy. The borders are open for the full invasion of low-cost manufacturing from east and west, south and north, not much can come from the northern direction, due to the geographical location. Suomi - Finland is a modern country located in Northern Europe, better known as the homeland for the mobile phones giant Nokia. The population is a little over five million and two languages are spoken officially: Finnish and Swedish. The forest industry has traditionally been strong in all Scandinavian countries, but these northern regions are heading towards a new era. New investments in traditional pulp and paper industries are rare. The future is in bioreactors and innovative processes. Globalization means that more and more manufacturing is outsourced. The Nokia Ecosystem is moving out of the woods and forests of Finland to China, India, Mexico, Brazil, South East Asia, and Eastern European Countries. This is no big new…

Why did Microsoft pay one billion dollars for TellMe?

I read the VoIP Blog commenting the Microsoft and TellMe deal. "So the confusion about this potential acquisition may come from the fact that Tellme has been in Silicon Valley all these years and Microsoft never acquired them. Why now? What makes this voice portal solution provider an exciting acquisition target today?"

The writer is Rich Tehrani.
Rich Tehrani is an IP Communications industry expert, visionary, author and columnist. He founded the first magazine focused on VoIP in 1998 and, as President of TMC, is the owner of the registered trademark for the term Internet Telephony. In 1999, Tehrani launched Internet Telephony Conference & Expo and has watched it grow into the best attended VoIP show in the world. Tehrani is also the founder of TMCnet, the most popular communications/technology portal in the world. More recently he launched TMC's two newest titles, SIP Magazine and IMS Magazine.
The answer lies in two parts.

Microsoft’s competition with Google and lev…

Living Labs Innovation

We encourage you to please forward this message to your potentially interested colleagues and networks.
Dear members of the AMI family of Communities,Many of you are, I know, very interested in Living Labs and open innovation progress. Even many of you who have not yet registered yourselves specifically as members of the Living Labs Open Innovation Community no doubt share this interest.We therefore wish to share with all of you the key news about these upcoming activities:The European Network of Living Labs Event, in preparation for the Portuguese Presidency, will be held in Guimarães, Portugal, on Monday-Wednesday, 21-23 May 2007. The event will feature the launch of the Call for Applications for the "2nd wave" of the European Network of Living Labs which is expected to lead to 15-20 new Living Labs joining the European Network of Living Labs in October 2007 during the Portuguese EU Presidency.Let us remember the Guimarães dates for our calendars. Details will be …


IBBT and i-City is a unique Living Lab partnership based on the i-City Living Lab infrastructure and the IBBT scientific Living Lab expertise. This partnership has experience in large scale Living Lab facilitation and research and is situated in the Flemish cities of Hasselt and Leuven (Belgium).

Description of concept
The i-City Living Lab setting is a large-scale laboratory for research into mobile applications. It converts the city of Hasselt and the city of Leuven into real-life test and experimentation environments for the applications of tomorrow. It is introducing concrete services to up to 4,000 test users, equipped with handheld devices in a wireless city and thus forms the blueprint of the future connected society. Also, tested applications can be included in the permanent showcase of the i-City Living Lab, where they are demonstrated to service providers worldwide. The i-City Living Lab infrastructure, as a public private co-operation, receives support from numerous business…


RAM stands for Reliability, Availability and Maintainability. The RAM entity also comprises Safety, Quality and Risk Management aspects and the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and LCC (Life Cycle Cost) concepts. Ability to manage and optimize these RAM factors is a very valuable asset for any company designing a product and/or running a complex process. Ramentor is a software and consulting company established to combine the latest theory, methods, and knowledge in the RAM field into practical tools, solutions and services for the customers. Ramentor is about Designing, Analyzing and Optimizing the RAM factors of your product or process.