Biodiesel and Ethanol

What will the truck drivers be using as driving fuel in the coming years? Some of them will be using biodiesel. What is it all about? Are we going to drive our cars and trucks with vegetables?
  1. Support the nation through spreading the passion of biodiesel
  2. Work with dedicated colleagues
  3. San Fransisco uses biodiesel in all their diesel engines
  4. In US the national biodiesel board
  5. Sustainability on the planet
  6. Greening the city

Gasoline and Hydroelectric

For centuries we have used two major sources of energy, one mainly for transportation and the other to help us operate machinery and other appliances inside our homes and offices. The first energy source is gasoline and the second is hydroelectricity.
  • Doing something big in the world
  • Supporting the farmers
  • San Fransisco and its vision
  • Clean, renewable and healthy

Ethanol, Biodiesel and Wind Energy

There are many types of energy that can replace gasoline and the traditional forms of electricity such as ethanol, biodiesel and wind energy. These types of energy just happen to be forms of bioenergy. Many benefits can come from using bioenergy and they not only benefit farmers but also the whole world.

Ethanol by fermentation

Ethanol is produced by fermentation of yeasts and other micro organisms. Products that are used to make ethanol are corn and biomass energy - otherwise known as manure or anything containing high amounts of carbon. Ethanol is used in gasoline and other high-octane fuels.

Ethanol can be produced by the fermentation of yeasts and other micro organisms such as enzymes. One process that is used the most is enzymatic hydrolysis. This process includes biomass energy. The cells are used to convert hemicellulose (a substance in plants contained in their cell walls) and cellulose from the cellulosic biomass into sugars instead of acids. When farmers use this method they often keep the biomass in an airtight container to help speed up the fermentation process.

When producing ethanol by using corn (corn-based ethanol), they extract the starch in the corn to make ethanol - only the starch gets used. So, the corn kernels are left. Studies show a bushel of corn can produce up to 2.5 gallons of ethanol fuel.

Biodiesel from renewable sources

Biodiesel - another source of bioenergy - is fuel from natural or also renewable sources. An example would be used and also new vegetable oil, and animal fats and any other types of oils such as soybean and mustard seed oils - otherwise known as hydrocarbons.

The properties of petroleum-derived diesel fuel are very comparable to biodiesel. Also the use of biodiesel in conventional diesel engines can substantially decrease emissions of carbon dioxide and other particulate matter - up to 20 percent. Biodiesel can be used in several engines with either little or no modification.
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