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On January 1, 2007 it becomes mandatory for all gasoline and diesel sold in Ontario, Canada to contain a minimum 5 per cent (up to ten per cent) blend of renewable fuel, such as ethanol or biodiesel. Tyler Hamilton talks with Kory Teneycke, executive director of Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, about the mandate and the state of biofuel development in Ontario. I listen to the podcast and to learn more about the biofuel and new energy.

Common set of rules for the nation dictated by the federal government of Canada

- Will there be enough ethanol to meet the mandate?

- In the first months of 2007 there will be a big spike of ethanol import to Canada

- The world ethanol production is going up with fast steps; also in Canada

- It takes a year and a half to build an ethanol plant

The biodiesel doesn’t get as much attention as ethanol. Biox in Canada with technology developed by the University of Toronto

The controversies:

- Corn eats into the world’s food supply, is said by some opponents

- Should we compare to some other things with the same effect?

- We have a global over production of food

- Long term ethanol production will not be based on food crop’s, it’s a starting point

- Billions of dollars is going into finding out how wood waste could be used for ethanol production

The state of cellulose ethanol is less discussed but there are activities in Canada

- Iogene

- Sunopta is one of the developers

- Increasing number of companies

- It’s a scale up questions

- There are a lot of technology risks doing things first

- Programs in Germany and in US

- Lots of demonstration project

- Iogen in Ottawa

DuPont is spending enormous amounts of money to get into cellulose ethanol

- Flex fuel vehicles are needed and the production of those is increasing

- There are two million flex fuel vehicles in US, Canada and the world

- We have the chickens but not the eggs

- No cost difference for using a flex fuel or a traditional vehicle in North-America

- In Brazil all the vehicles are equipped with flex fuel engines

Suncor has been talking about high dollar values before the subsidies can be taken off

- 75 dollars has been given as dollar price for a barrel of oil as a limit

- 40 dollars a barrel, according to another study

- Subsidies are coming off the products

- Hopefully also for oil and diesel

Sunopta: “Bioprocessing and biomass conversion of cellulosic raw materials into value-added products, including cellulosic ethanol, cellulosic butanol, xylitol and dietary fibers from straw, oat hulls, wood and corn stover.

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