Cellulose Plants to produce Biofuel

Producing basic ethanol from wood chips and waste wood. Green energy alternatives from around the world. Driven and resourceful thinkers from around the country. Capital from Silicon Valley.

* Go for energy crops
* Switch grass in Texas 150 years ago a bioenergy society
* Alternative sources
* Biofuel that don't use a lot of petrochemical inputs
* Corn has little benefit over petrol
* Cellulosic fuel
* Not to throw the money going to the corn based

We brought together these three things and made it our mission to become inventors on behalf of the most important client ever: our planet.

* Liquid transportation
* Oil for gasoline
* Biodiesel
* Biomass resources

What we discovered was this: energy alternatives to fossil fuels are right under our feet. By looking deeper into nature's abundance, we discovered that plants, grasses, corn stalks, wood chips, and more can be turned into clean fuel.

* Invest heavily
* Replace gasoline
* Speciality chemical
* It has attractive fuel properties
* Not mixing with water as ethanol is

Even more encouraging, waste products – material left to decay and be buried in our land today – can be recycled into fuel tomorrow. Our new fuel is innovative. Eco-friendly. Sustainable. See renewable energy with entirely new eyes.

* First cellulosic production plant close to Atlanta
* Golden Colorado
* Silicon Valley
* The Mexican paper is concerned that corn price is going up
* Start to using wood
* Currently is waste material
* That's a wonderful way to put it into a good use
* Discover those to be a better route

Recycle our wood products. Methane gas can be used to make electricity. We do wanna build up the market. Using the waste heat. We can build it into the portfolio.

* Not displacing food (corn)
* Optimized corn production
* Biofuels are not created equal
* What is better for our economy
* The department of energy
* Fermentation
* Paying to get rid of their material

How do you make cellulosic methanol. Solid, pressure, heat and steam. Chemical catalyst. We can select the catalyst. The process is much quicker to the market. We can municipal waste. Paper, pulp and switch craft.

* Software industry
* Cost of these plants
* 75 to 100 million dollars
* Jump starts
* No cellulosic ethanol plants on industrial scale

How fast can you get it going? It can be very competitive with corn ethanol. Improving cost over time.
  • Targeting for production 2009
  • Breaking down the structure
  • Fermented
  • Farmers on the show
Take away the cellulose part.

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