Corn is King in US and going towards Ethanol

Advocates of biofuel technology, which includes such fuels as ethanol, butanol, and biodiesel, say energy derived from biomass is a cleaner energy source than gasoline. Many current sources of these fuels, however, involve using plant material that could be used for food -- such as the corn or sugarcane involved in some ethanol production. Last week, six companies got grants from the federal government to work on developing motor fuels from nonfood crops. In this hour, Ira and guests talk about the future of biofuels, and the economic -- and environmental -- viability of switching to biomass-derived fuels as a major component of our energy economy.
  • The return isn't terrific
  • The department of ethanol
  • Make ethanol from agricultural waste
  • Soy beans
  • Greener fuels to the market
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