Discussion about Neste and DuPont

Two special reports from the field
  • DuPont biofuels
  • Neste is turning it to MTBE
  • They look for opportunities to improve their margin
  • The concern is about not overflowing the ethanol market
  • The mental picture
  • Switching is simple ETBE and MTBE
  • They are the first
  • Netherlands plant from MTBE to ETBE
  • ETBE players are wondering
  • There are advantages
  • Unique technology
  • Alternative output for their product
  • Committed
Bush wants to increase the biofuel production
  • Cellulose biofuel
  • Timing
  • It is challenging to be there 2017
  • DuPont is producing cellulosic ethanol using corn
  • How close to cellulosic? At the end of this year
  • Commercial scale plant 2009
  • Corn, grain or sugar cane
Challenging work for DuPont
  • Challenging objectives
  • Bioethanol
  • Biodiesel fuel
  • New products are coming out
  • Number one position in sunflower in Europe
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