Garbage Packaging

Every American is generating an average of over 1600 pounds of garbage, annually, according to the EPA. Packaging comprises approximately one-third of that waste, and has, traditionally, been produced from finite resources, is non-biodegradable, and clogs our waste stream.

But some innovators are thinking outside of the box, creating 100% biodegradable food containers and quick serve items from abundant natural materials such as potatoes, rice, wheat and corn. These farm products also yield fewer greenhouse gases and require less energy to produce. Tune in to Good Dirt Radio to learn more about this innovative change in food packaging.
  • Some products are used for 45 minutes
  • Lower environmental impact
  • The same kind of physical structure
  • Disappear within some hours
  • DNA analysis of the products
  • Nature products at the Bluegrass festival
  • Absolutely affordable
  • The hidden costs
  • Cleaning costs
  • Landfill liability costs
  • Saving the dime in the long run
  • Disposables that dispose themselves
  • Sustainable cups for beer drinking
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