Innovation and Automation

Automation allows doing the products and processes with less people, to be more productive, to be more competitive in the global market place.

  • Understanding innovation that is available
  • How to get the innovation transferred to your organization
  • Universities do a great job in R&D
  • Filing for patents for the most interesting technologies
  • Working with the technology transfer extension departments
  • We make initial contact with email, introduce our self with blogs and web-sites
How can we spot and find innovations?
  • The challenge is how to find the innovations
  • A lot of innovation are collecting dust on shelves
  • Intellectual property is there waiting to be found
  • There are great potentials in the market place
  • Help companies to understand the availability
  • We start the search process
  • We create a profile for a potential buyer
Where can we grow? How to make the connections?
  • Continue to explain to people the basic idea about the transfer process
  • Marketing and sales skills are needed
  • Find the most promising and most marketable technologies
  • Building relationships between sellers and buyers
  • We will pull up potential buyers from data-base and experience from industries
How do we help to market? How does the partnership start up?
  • It's a process
  • IP is a tabu
  • It's a trade secret
  • It's important to talk about IP
  • The pattern of being defensive about IP
  • Seeing the value
  • R&D vision and Patenting vision
  • The process can take from three months to two years
Our value from an outside perspective
  • Bringing in new ideas for them
  • What is collecting dust?
  • Strong marketing and sales background is needed
  • It's a selling work
  • The supply chain of IP
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