Learning to talk

I've been blogging for ages and I have several channels where I write about projects, ideas and tech news. Blogging has been an educational process for me. But this is still the beginning. My goal is to learn to talk and to interact with people. So far it has been about writing a blog and expressing my opinions and ideas.

"Talking and communication is much more difficult," my teacher is telling to me. "And it's even more difficult to be small talking on the Internet."

"I agree, my blogs are long monologues, and they are more like diary stuff."

"You have to get people responding." Teacher says.

"How about starting to interview people?" I ask. "Wouldn't that be a way to get a dialogue?"

"Sure, but you have to find interesting people to interview." Teacher continues.

"I would like to profile various innovators. What do you think about that?"

"Great idea!"

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