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I learned about Linja Design through my friend Razib Nahmed from Bangladesh today, 6.3.2007. I was looking at their blog .
  • Software related interface design
  • cost-effective software development is a blog centred around articles and images pertaining to innovations in Graphical User Interface (GUI) and interactive design. Linja buffet is maintained by the designers at Linja Design in Helsinki, Finland.


Linja Design and BJIT Inc. going into Asian and European software markets together

Linja Design, which is specialized in software-related interface design, and BJIT Inc., a software firm operating in Japan and Bangladesh, have agreed on cooperation. According to the agreement, the companies will mutually implement cost-effective software development which is innovative in terms of its interface design and generates added value for clients.

According to the cooperation concept, Linja Design will formulate an innovative program more appropriate for the customer, which BJIT then realizes. The purpose of collaboration is to benefit the customer at all stages of the project from planning to implementation as well as generate time and cost savings for clients.

“Added value for our customers is generated by the presence of Linja Design in Finland and the presence of BJIT in Japan. This will enable the expansion of both companies’ operations in new market areas,” Timo Vänttinen, Executive Vice-President of BJIT, says.

“We complement each other well,” Noreila and Vänttinen confirm. “Linja Design brings its design-related know-how connected with software-based interfaces to the customer, while with BJIT it’s a professional and effective realization. We believe that this concept will assure that the companies will increase in enthusiasm over the significance of software development.
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