The long distance call

Why am I doing my current profession? Communication, interaction, global networking has become a daily routine. It's important for me to be able to communicate and to interact with clients and partners that are dispersed around the globe.

Computer technology has moved off the desktop and into homes, cars, pockets, and urban streets, in support of human relationships casual or intimate.

  • Mobile blogging
  • Interactive while on the road
  • Rich mobile applications
  • Mobile life style initiatives

Design is intricately linked to culture and technology, both of which are changing rapidly. What does this mean for designers? What are the currently emerging social trends and technologies and how will they affect the way we design and use products?

  • Working with the mobile devices, user experiences, citizen journalism
  • We start off to ask the questions?
  • Is there a different mobile web?
  • Is the mobile web unique?
  • Is it an extension?

We looka at the following trends and what they mean for designers. The line between designer and consumer is becoming blurred. You are what you contribute. Innovation is becoming democratized as more people have a voice in the design of the products they use. The DIY mentality and arts and crafts ethic is resurging.

  • How to develop content to flow to mobile browsers?
  • Tests for various user experiences of the devices
  • What the small screen meaning as a challenge?
  • The mobility is an important asset
  • What can we do with a lot of online services?

The cost of technology is rapidly decreasing and becoming commoditized. Rich social media will become increasingly integrated into the environment and vice versa. Consumerism is expression. We rely on objects to define us.

  • Web technology
  • The importance of expression
  • The future of the mobile web is more full screen visualization

We can create and purchase things to help us differentiate ourselves. Selection and composition are powerful ways to create.

  • Media is social
  • Creating content
  • Distributing conten

There is power in numbers and aggregation. Focused communities spring up organically and are good at judging, filtering, and describing. Yet individuality within these communities is encouraged and achieved through customization.

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