Mobile Phones from Roumania?

Reuters has been disclosing news about a 200 million mobile phone investment in Roumania. Mr. Marius Nicora from the City of Clujin has stated that the City will sign a contract with Nokia the next week. There has been rumours about this investment in a Roumania blog earlier this week. The Nokia VP of communication Arja Suominen is not disclosing any comments about the subject.

"We've nothing new to say about this subject," Mrs Arja Suominen says to the Finnish Online business journal Kauppalehti.

Nokia has nine manufacturing plants for volume production of mobile phones around the globe.

  1. Two are located in Latin America
  2. Four are Located in Asia
  3. The European plants are operating in Finland, Germany and Hungary
  4. There is a special phones plant in UK called the Vertu plant

The rumours around Nokia's possible purchase of the US Palm company has not yet been verified. Motorola is also still in the picture. More information about these activities to be delivered soon.
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