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This is a podcast program i listened to during Christmas. No one is listening. The leading lady is interesting. She has a great voice (sharp) and she is funny. I like to follow her reasoning. She also covers difficult issues. Her name is Irene.
  1. Ham radio CB 2 way communication (one way to get communication), low frequency and low reach, they went to Catharina and set them up
  2. They didn't know what situation to control
  3. Catharina was in a poor city and they didn't care
  4. Cell phones stuff
  5. We are not prepared for disasters in any city
  6. We have to care about misinformation
  7. People should tell how sad the the situation is
  8. Rumours are creating panic
  9. Communication systems and disasters
  10. The number one call is house fire
  11. Open communication
  12. Private companies run the communication
  13. They have the same channels
  14. I was on major radio in San Fransisco
  15. We will know about the nitty gritty of that disaster
How to communicate in a disaster situation. At the Catharina they started a Wiki people finding blog and they set up Ham Radio and started communicating.
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Blog: What to do in a fire...

Latest Post: Feb. 18 2007 by Irene. OK so I"m doing better or maybe just getting a chance to do N1L made me feel better. The show was about the fire but also about communication systems in disasters (dude we have to do some media literacy). Things are sad and muddled and confusing for me right now and the emails and support from friends, family and listeners has meant so much to me... this email in particular made me crack up. Joel was supposed to be on our show last week and I told him the show burned and we'd have to redo the show someday... when we get equipment and I'm not busy crying and such... haha.. Anyway here is ...

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