Presenting Paul Whindly

Let me introduce Windley's Technometria. He writes about ubiquitous computing. What a word. I never write it right in the first place. U b i q u i t o u s. Cool.

If you like to listen to IT Conversations, go here (podcasts). Dr. Moira Gunn speaks with technology analyst Kevin Webach about the issues surrounding the emerging internet. They discuss the impact of media, software, telecom as well as Werbach's upcoming conference, Supernova 2007.

  • Speak with 2, 5 billion people with mobile phones
  • The emerging internet
  • Google wouldn't be possible 1994
  • Internet is a constant stage of evolution
  • It started as a strange small technological development
  • It's growing to a global ecosystem and the base for a new economy
  • Open up the telecoms for competition
  • Internet should not be regualted?
  • Not enough competition for broadband

"The idea is that Moore’s Law has pushed the price of computing so low that it is nearly disposable. Computing can be everywhere. People have talked about ubiquitous computing for a long time, but the era of cheap, low-power computing, and wireless communication has arrived." Paul Windley writes while presenting Mike Kuniavsky.

"We no longer need to serve as the knowledge intermediaries for computers, they can be embedded in objects to make the dynamic. What does this do to people’s experiences? People’s reaction to ubiquitous computing devices is to consider them more like animals than they do to rocks and other inanimate objects. People know their Roomba isn’t an animal, but they treat them that way." The story continues.

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