Pulp Fiction and Biodiesel

My biodiesel surfing Safari is taking me to Hawaii. "Aloha and welcome to the website of Pacific Biodiesel Inc., a pioneer in the successful commercial community-scale production of Biodiesel. Explore our superior fuel quality, see our current plant locations, learn about our humble beginnings and you will go back to the future that Rudolf Diesel envisioned with his first fuel ― peanut oil!" Welcomes the Pacific Biodiesel home page.
Pacific Biodiesel, Inc.
40 Hobron Avenue
Kahului, Hawaii 96732
I learn that, "Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made by a chemical reaction of alcohol and vegetable or animal oils, fats, or greases. Through a refinery process called transesterification, the reaction removes the glycerin -- a by-product that is not good for your engine -- which can be made into soap. Biodiesel can be used in any diesel engine in pure form or blended with petroleum diesel at any level. Even a blend of 20% bio- and 80% petroleum diesel will significantly reduce carcinogenic emissions and gases that may contribute to global warming."


The Pacific Biodiesel has plants also in mainland US and Willi Nelson is related to the company at least in a community operation in Texas, US.

I've been writing about Biofuels, biodiesel and ethanol production. The future of our pulp mills might look very different. We can attache a switch to the mill. Sulphate pulp is produced when there is enough demand and we can switch to Bioreactor mode when the Paper Mills aren't running. How distant is this future?
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