UPM to launch electronic paper

In innovative people we trust. Innovators are coming up with new things, creating new products and services. This week in tech over here in the deep Finnish forests, United Paper Mills (UPM) is starting the production of electronic paper. Years of product development is moving into a commercial production. The production of electronic paper is about to start at a paper mill in Ylojarvi, Finland.

UPM is producing a paper like product that can be used in shop price tags to present prices and product information. The innovative part is that prices and the texts can be changed without changing the physical tag. The first electronic price tag’s applications will start at a Citymarket close to the Malmi / Helsinki International Airport. Frequent International flyers have the opportunity to visit the Citymarket (a grocery store chain) and learn more about the products. For more information, please call the writer by Skype: visualradio.

A UPM spokesman estimates the electronic display laminate will be generating a few hundred million euros in revenue during the coming years. The United Paper Mills CTO Pauli Hanninen is saying, according the Kauppalehti (The leading Finnish business daily), “The sales will be small in the beginning. We are working to improve the resolution of the paper displays. We expect to come out with flexible electronic paper models and the electronic book is not that far away anymore.”

There will be more written about this innovation when we get information about the practical applications and user experiences.

Helge V. Keitel
Skype: visualradio

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