We have starte a new global collaboration

We've just started a new online collaboration project. The operation is in beta. Isn't that a way to tell about new things that are surfacing. I wrote about.

Nokia buying Palm

There have been rumours about Nokia buying Palm circulating for several weeks. Today this subject is on the news again. The stock price of Palm has been rising. This is the second time in a few weeks time. It’s probable that something will happen soon. Nokia’s President and CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo is spending one week per month in US. He has said, that he will continue to search for a solution and continue with his efforts until Nokia’s market share in US is improving.

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[20:07:59] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: Hi Helge, thanks a lot for the article
[20:08:05] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: It's being fairly read
[20:08:33] Helge Keitel sanoo: You are welcome
[20:08:55] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: No word have heard from rasib
[20:09:02] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: HULIQ was partially down yesterday
[20:09:05] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: Maybe that's why
[20:09:08] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: Some dns issue
[20:09:16] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: If you contact him, would you please ask him?
[20:09:25] Helge Keitel sanoo: I will
[20:09:28] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: Thanks a lot
[20:09:40] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: Helge, here is another interesting project, that I though I would show you
[20:09:44] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: www.companyscoops.com
[20:09:53] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: Anyone can go and rate your own company
[20:10:00] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: A friend from California just started this project
[20:11:05] Helge Keitel sanoo: I will get familiar with it
[20:11:11] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: Thanks a lot

This is a new kind of collaboration Europe - North America. We are building closer contacts with US. It's going to be important in several fields. The news coverage is one but there are interesting things happening in the fields of:
  1. Symbian in US
  2. Mobile Computing
  3. Web 2.0 related to Europe
  4. RFID and the standardization
  5. http://www.tellusinternational.com/
  6. http://telluspublication.blogspot.com/index.html
I was adviced to take a look at Basware and their blogging CEO.
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