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Greatest Lies of all times

The greatest lies of all time: I love you This won't hurt a bit The cheque's in the mail I was just going to call you Of course I'll respect you in the morning We have a really challenging assignment for you I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you

Project Management

Official Project Stages:

1. Uncritical Acceptance
2. Wild Enthusiasm
3. Dejected Disillusionment
4. Total Confusion
5. Search for the Guilty
6. Punishment of the Innocent
7. Promotion of the Non-participants

Microsoft CRM

Customer Managed Relationships

"I get more complaints about the bad customer service provided by cell phone companies than just about any other sort of organization. It's the combination of broken promises, bad attitude and the perception that the service is so important they better be good." Writes Seth in his blog.

The same man has written, "CRM is dead. It might be more than just semantics. Disney Destinations Marketing has a new department:Customer Managed RelationshipsHere's the quote from them that Tim shared with me, "CMR is our version of CRM - just a slight nuance regarding our philosophy that our guests invite us into their lives and ultimately manage our presence/relationship with them." I learn from this blog.I think this is good point of view. User Generated Content is now leading towards Clients Generated Sales. The power is out there: You decide! That's a very healthy attitude. Marketing and Sales isn't a one way communication. The dialogues is the most relevan…

Cisco about Corporate Blogging

April 21, 2007 Web 2.0 San Fransisco By digitalvillages I've been looking into Finnish Business and Corporate blogging. The result isn't very impressive. Googled Corporate Bloggers and did find a few. I didn't expect that CEO's of big companies would be blogging. That's not yet very usual in US either. But I expected that the high-tech nation Finland would show up more corporate and business blogs.

This session, described below, explains Cisco's attitude to blogging. Read more about it at Web 2.0 Expo in San Fransisco. There were a few particpants from Finland as well. Read more about it at Omasana in Finnish.

SessionBlogging for BusinessJeanette K. Gibson, New Media, Corporate Communications, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Track: Marketing and Community
Date: Tuesday, April 17
Time: 8:30am - 9:20am
Location: 2002 Blogs... they aren't just for cat lovers anymore. Companies like Cisco, Southwest Airlines, and even WalMart are using blogs, podcasts, and videos t…

Eric Schmidt about Web 2.0



Share your photos, videos, links, music and documentsDrive traffic to your site Promote and sell your workJoin a social site around your interests and passionsPodcasting is a thing I'd like to work more with. There are more sites where podcasts and webcasts can be located for FREE. User Generated Content is an unexpensive way to attract visitors, viewers, eyeballs and readers. There are 72 million blogs in the world. It has been a tremedeous growth from five millions March 2005.

Ustream from Web 2.0

This service provides the possibility to interaction over Internet. We can watch video and chat with people participating in the seminar at the other side of the world. How many are participating?
Sharing, collaboratingIt's about toolsWhere can you get the information? They speak for the open architecture. People working together. We put it together. No huge systems. We can put them together.

Philippine Biofuel

Looks like all the Oil Companies in the Philippines have already expressed their capability to implement the 1% mixing of biodiesel in diesel come May 2007 when the Philippine Biofuel Act takes effect. Read more about new energies at alternative.

Simple Microcredit Lending and clean water

Stanford assistant professor Jenna Davis participates in the United Nations Millennium Project task force, which is addressing the needs of the world’s poorest. -What could make a real difference to the vast majority of people on this world? -We fight with the short term problems in the world -Clean water and sanitation for the world’s poor is extremely important while over a billion of the worlds population doesn't have access to clean water and sanitation I’m listening to a 15-minute podcast with Jenna Davis about setting up sustainable solutions to provide access to clean water in developing countries, click here. -Progress is made -What is working and what isn’t? -Households with low income countries can't afford to build a latrine Progress is being made in reliable access to safe drinking water for the world’s poor. But access to basic sanitation facilities is lagging behind. -1, 2 billion don’t have access to clean water; that is a big number -Technological solutions: simple la…