Customer Managed Relationships

"I get more complaints about the bad customer service provided by cell phone companies than just about any other sort of organization. It's the combination of broken promises, bad attitude and the perception that the service is so important they better be good." Writes Seth in his blog.

The same man has written, "CRM is dead. It might be more than just semantics. Disney Destinations Marketing has a new department:

Customer Managed Relationships

Here's the quote from them that Tim shared with me, "CMR is our version of CRM - just a slight nuance regarding our philosophy that our guests invite us into their lives and ultimately manage our presence/relationship with them." I learn from this blog.

I think this is good point of view. User Generated Content is now leading towards Clients Generated Sales. The power is out there: You decide! That's a very healthy attitude. Marketing and Sales isn't a one way communication. The dialogues is the most relevant communication model.

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