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Green Power

Green Power Conferences was established in 2003 by a team of professional, environmentally aware event experts. "We have since welcomed over 4000 delegates from 76 countries, built a global database of 110,000+ contacts and gained an unparalleled reputation in the industry." The web page explains. "Our events provide high quality information, interactivity and networking to accelerate the uptake of sustainable energy and climate friendly technologies. As such, we keep our prices low to maximise accessability and charge between 40-60% less than other commercial event organisers. Green Power Conferences are committed to managing the impact of climate change and we offset the impact of our commercial activities towards renewable energy projects in Africa."

Biofuels 2008 Brussels

12 & 13 March 2008, Brussels Expo, Belgium. World Biofuels Markets is the premier business networking congress and exhibition for the global renewable fuels industry.

World Biofuels Markets 2007 Statistics. Over 4 days, 1200 attendees from 58 countries gathered in Brussels to participate in the fastest growing and most dynamic industry event.

Welcome to eBIO, the European Bioethanol Fuel Association. This site helps you to understand better the world of bioethanol fuel, a motor fuel made from renewable feedstock. BP and DuPont have created a new collaboration. Their goal is to develop the next generation of biofuels. By working together they are creating a brighter future for renewable fuels.


"Our teams of bioscientists and …

The future of Salesforce

" is the next Siebel, the next CRM has-been, the next low-priced software buyout opportunity, unless somehow the company gets sold before its stock begins to tank or it engineers a remarkable turnaround from its current moribund strategy. It may take a couple of years, and there may be some big blockbuster announcements and a couple of good quarters in the interim, but it’s gonna happen, and it’s gonna be ugly." Blogs Joshua Greenbaum at ZD Net.
Salesforce starts to sell to SME's in Finland

Google buying small firms

"Google has become increasingly comfortable with the process of acquiring and integrating large merger-and-acquisitions targets, but intends to focus more on targeted buying of smaller firms," Google CEO Eric Schmidt said during a briefing with reporters ahead of the company's annual shareholders meeting.Google finds additional opportunities to plug gaps in its offerings and beef up its technology selectionThe integration of smaller firms is easierTargeted buyingDiversity
Google's acquisition strategy is important not only because of the direct impacts, but also because it has a significant ripple effect, with other players in the online content, search and advertising space often forced to react when it makes a move.

Nissan Missisippi

Nissan Canton Plant Produces One Millionth Vehicle. Celebrating manufacturing.

Microsoft Yahoo Merger 50 billion

I submitted this story to Huliq a few minutes ago.

Microsoft and Yahoo Merger 50 billion US dollars Similar StoriesUS Corporations Eye More Vietnam Investments Asia Threatened by Global Financial Imbalances, Contemplates Integrated Future Inflation in India dips to 5.77 pc; FM promises new Income Tax code Big high-tech news today is the possible merger of Microsoft and Yahoo. The rumour goes that they are in an early discussion. There has been speculation around the possibility. There were talks about a merger two years ago. Things have changed. Google and Apple have been making the headlines lately. Both Google and Apple are making good press and they have been releasing new products. Microsoft has been accused for not being innovative. Yahoo, the leading search engine for some time, has been over taken by Google.Google is the market leader in Internet search with 50 % market share, Yahoo and Microsoft combined are having 40 % and the rest (10 %) is shared by several smaller search compani…