Biofuels 2008 Brussels

12 & 13 March 2008, Brussels Expo, Belgium. World Biofuels Markets is the premier business networking congress and exhibition for the global renewable fuels industry.

World Biofuels Markets 2007 Statistics
. Over 4 days, 1200 attendees from 58 countries gathered in Brussels to participate in the fastest growing and most dynamic industry event.

Welcome to eBIO, the European Bioethanol Fuel Association. This site helps you to understand better the world of bioethanol fuel, a motor fuel made from renewable feedstock.
BP and DuPont have created a new collaboration. Their goal is to develop the next generation of biofuels. By working together they are creating a brighter future for renewable fuels.


"Our teams of bioscientists and fuels technologists are working together right now to develop advanced biofuels. The first product of this new generation of biofuels made from renewable resources will be biobutanol." The BP website explains.

The story continues,
" While complementary to ethanol, which comprises most of the biofuel used in gasoline today, biobutanol represents a viable near-term solution to significantly increasing the amount of biofuels available in markets around the world."


"As an advanced biofuel, biobutanol also offers a number of advantages in terms of accelerating biofuel adoption in countries around the world. These advantages will provide greater options for sustainable renewable transportation fuels, reduced dependence on imported oil, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and expanded markets for agricultural products."
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