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iPhone online coverage

There are number of bloggers, podcasters and webcastes covering the AppleStore iPhone launch. Incremental blogger is one of them and Robert Scoble. Take a look at what happens on Zoomer.

Internal Apple Stevenote: iPhone, iPods with OS X, and "off the charts" Macs in the pipeline

Internal Apple Stevenote: iPhone, iPods with OS X, and "off the charts" Macs in the pipeline: "Apple held a somewhat rare, company-wide virtual meeting with Steve Jobs this morning (11am Pacific Time), wherein Steve Jobs discussed the gravity of the iPhone on Apple's business as well as how he perceives the parts played by the rest of the company. The following is a series of notes produced by combining details from several of Ars Technica's internal sources.

Steve opened up with how he believes that the iPhone will change the mobile space forever. He said that when the Mac first came out, people talked about how some day, every computer would work that way, and the same would be true of the iPhone. The iPhone was driven by the fact that everyone hates their phones, and it's all about 'core competence'—making all of the features easy-to-use and self-discoverable. "

Will iPhone hype backfire?

Will iPhone hype backfire? -- "SAN JOSE, Calif. - Even for a company that has mastered the art of product-launch hoopla, Apple Inc. appears to have pulled out all the stops to propel iPhone hysteria into the stratosphere.

Technology analysts say Apple started its publicity campaign for the iPhone uncharacteristically early, first showing off the device six months ago and shrewdly stoking the media feeding frenzy since then with incremental announcements that have kept the sleek cell phone-multimedia player-Internet browser in the news.

It goes on sale Friday, and die-hard Apple fans are expected to line up outside retail stores to get their hands on an iPhone for either $499 or $599."

Helge: I've been writing about the launch at digitalvillages. Steven Jobs and Apple have failed before. The history of the company has been a roller-coaster. Going mobile and predicting the beginning of a post-PC era at Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital conferen…

Brand Strategy - Growing a Brand

Web 2.0 Classroom

Billerud invests R&D for fresh food packaging

Invest in Sweden Agency - Billerud invests R&D for fresh food packaging: " June 20 2007 | Billerud invests R&D for fresh food packaging.

Goods worth massive sums are destroyed every year because of poor quality packaging. Billerud is now establishing its own development centre for packaging research focused on corrugated containers that will be the first of its kind in the world. It will help provide consumers with better quality fruit and vegetables, among other products.

Each year in Europe, fruit and vegetables worth around ten billion euro are destroyed because they are packaged in boxes that are damaged during transport causing the contents to be damaged too. Billerud is now intensifying its research into transport packaging. The company’s new laboratory, Billerud Box Lab, will be inaugurated on June 28 at 10 am.

“We have previously performed research into stronger fibre-based transport packaging, and we are now stepping up this initiative. We are probably the first pap…

TechCrunch Blogger Michael Arrington Can Generate Buzz and Cash

TechCrunch Blogger Michael Arrington Can Generate Buzz and Cash: "To the world outside Silicon Valley's tight-knit community of startups, venture capitalists, and angel investors, TechCrunch is just another mouthy blog. But to entrepreneurs in the white-hot consumer Internet boom — known to many as Web 2.0 — Arrington has become a power broker.

In April, after an onstage conversation with the director of Web technologies at Sun Microsystems, he looked like a groom in a receiving line: For nearly an hour, the procession of entrepreneurs was 10 deep — all wanting to give Arrington a business card and an elevator pitch. At a recent conference in San Francisco, Rodney Moses, founder and CEO of FatSecret, an online dieting site, followed Arrington around for about 30 minutes to secure 10 minutes with him. 'I had read that's just what you do,' Moses says. 'You wait your turn.'

The wait can be worth it. A positive 400-word write-up on TechCrunch usually means a sud…

Is Web 2.0 Real?

Huliq about Citizen Journalism quality control

Citizen journalism innovation using open source methodology Helge: We've been talking about Citizen Journalism and blogging with Armen Hareyan over Skype and Messenger. Some of the critique from traditional media is quite valid. Independent writers need to think more about the quality of news we are submitting. We have to differentiate between 1) Opinion and News 2) Is it based on feelings only. 3) What is news and what is gossip and guess-work? 4) Is my coverage genuine and personal? 5) Did I check and double-check the sources? 6) We should not copy-paste what the traditional media has delivered. We need to find our own news, reliable leads and sources. There are other ethical things to be considered. Product placement and promotion of products related to our other activities are not news; release them as what they are: AD or PR. Citizen Journalism has the potential of being biased. We need to be aware of that. It’s learning process for us who don’t have a formal training in journ…

Telcom convergence Chicago

Times do change, and the carrier world is no longer just about telecom or data anymore. Networking is now the backbone of convergence for both enterprise and consumer markets across voice, video and data.

Convergence, which for years was only a promise, has now become a reality with technology scaling to meet increasing demands. Some have argued that the capacity isn't there yet for full convergence and that video in the form of IPTV isn't quite yet ready.

An entire conference track called Digital Hollywood is dedicated to IPTV and how both the carriers and the networks themselves are rising to the challenge of full digital media convergence. At the core though, connectivity and bandwidth remain critical issues.

More about all this at the NeXTComm Show in Chicago starting June 17, 2007.

The motivation: Because of Chicago's large investment in technology and communications infrastructure, they were recently selected as the United States’ bid city for the 2016 Summer Olympic Gam…

A VC: The Mid Life Entrepreneur Crisis

A VC: The Mid Life Entrepreneur Crisis: "The Mid Life Entrepreneur Crisis | I have two meetings this week with guys in their early to mid 40s that are two of the best entrepreneurs I've ever worked with. Both are asking me the same thing - 'what should I do next?' There are questions of motivations, work/life balance, not needing the money, looking for a big idea, etc. One of them asked me - do you know any 45 year old entrepreneurs? Yes I do. Only one of the entrepreneurs in our current portfolio is older than 45. Moreover, he'll probably be starting companies until he dies. It's what he does.

Nevertheless, the facts are pretty eye opening. Nine of our eleven entrepreneurs are in their 30s. One is in his 20s, and one is in his 50s. That says to me that prime time entrepreneurship is 30s. And its possibly getting younger as web technology meets youth culture. I gotta run to catch a plane to Boston, more thoughts on this later."

Age and entrepreneurship Age and …

Hello To Citizen Journalists Of The World | Huliq: Breaking News

I like to present a friend from North Carolina. Armen Hareyan is the chief editor of Huliq. We started our co-operation a few months ago. This is his posting at I will write more about Huliq in next posts.

Armen Hareyan is originally from Armenia, his educational backgroun includes graduate studies in Music Composition, Theology and Business.

He came to USA 12 years ago to continue his education. Presently directs the music program in a local church and publishes and

Hello To Citizen Journalists Of The World | Huliq: Breaking News:

Hello To Citizen Journalists Of The World
Submitted by admin on Fri, 2007-06-15 20:11.

Hello to all citizen journalists,

This is Armen Hareyan writing from and this is my first post in HULIQ blog.

I'd like build a dialogue with all those who are writing, co-operation, co-creating.

We created HULIQ to be a meeting place for all the citizen and public journalists who take pride in covering local an…

FON Wireless

FON: "FON is the largest WiFi community in the world. FON is a Community of people making WiFi universal and free. Our vision is WiFi everywhere made possible by the members of the Community, Foneros. We share some of our home Internet connection and get free access to the Community’s FON Spots worldwide!"
SHAREOur Community WiFi router, La Fonera, allows everyone to share WiFi in a secure environment. It takes only five minutes to hook up, and then you’ve got WiFi at home and around the world for free!CONNECTFoneros connect to thousands of WiFi FON Spots worldwide for free. If you still do not share your WiFi, you can purchase inexpensive access. Find FON Spots on our FON MapsHave FONFON is a Movimiento of people building a free, global WiFi Community, sharing our experiences and ideas. Visit our blogs, boards and enjoy our cool features!

Wimax to 'overtake Wi-Fi' in public networks by 2010 - 08/Jun/2007 -

Wimax to 'overtake Wi-Fi' in public networks by 2010 - 08/Jun/2007 - "Wimax to 'overtake Wi-Fi' in public networks by 2010 by John-Paul Kamath Friday 8 June 2007.

By 2010, Wimax will replace Wi-Fi as the technology of choice for public wireless networks, as barriers currently preventing widespread adoption are removed, analyst firm Gartner has predicted.

'There are two particular attractions of Wimax for municipal networks: wider area coverage than Wi-Fi and operation in licensed as well as unlicensed spectrum,' said Ian Keene, research vice-president at Gartner.

Last month, the Wimax Forum tested key mobility features such as such as handover, or 'roaming mobile' - where a terminal is handed off between two base stations, simulating a mobile environment.

Although some low-cost products have been tested for compatibility with the 802.16-2005 Wimax standard, Keene said these were not expected to become available until late 2007, and …

CRM Daily | Salesforce Creates Google Ad Channel

I've been writing about my own efforts to build different channels to different business areas. The process continues. Posting is probably a little more organized and structured today than one year ago. But the communication strategy isn't yet crisp and clear.

The news of this posting is here. CRM Daily | Creates Google Ad Channel: "Online software pioneer Inc. will help Internet search leader Google Inc. sell ads as part of a partnership that falls short of Wall Street's anticipation since word of the alliance leaked last month.

Under an arrangement to be announced Tuesday, will roll out a new version of its service so its 32,300 customers can distribute their online ads through Google, which makes most of its money by steering marketing campaigns toward the most likely buyers.'s upgraded service is set up to track any customer referrals generated by Google's ads. No ads will be shown within Salesforce.c…

Digital and Traditional Banking


Mobile Africa

"Nokia reinforced its preeminent position in emerging markets today (7.6.2007) with the launch of seven new products that provide functions and features specifically designed for consumers in these markets." Informs Mobile Africa.

About: Mobile Africa is Africa's premier and most extensive resource of information about mobile communications technology, which is dedicated exclusively to Africa.

It is the portal about mobile / cellular and wireless technology in Africa.

What are bloggers writing about mobility in Africa?

“The ingenuity of some Africans to make sure they have access to communications cannot be underrated. In Ghana some build towers out of wood and stone on hilltops (‘cell phone towers’) and charge callers to climb to the top of the tower to access mobile phone signals that are blocked by the hill.” Writes Ballpark.

Link: Wireless Technologies and Development in Africa. The article cites other unusual initiatives, like motorcycle phones, communal phones (one phon…

The Knowledge Based Society

13 June 2007 - 15 June 2007 Bilbao, Spain. The conference will highlight issues relating to the development of the knowledge-based society, the importance of the creative class and the role of place and regional identity, and the ways in which ICT can foster and support such developments. The event will seek to address these in the frame of existing and emerging EC policies, and to highlight success stories and ways forward. Take a look at the program.

e-Working Collaborative Environments

Expediting Adoption of e-Working Collaborative Environments (2nd EACE "e-Working Environments" Workshop) | 22nd June 2007, Berlin, Germany.Helge: I would like to participate but my schedule don't give me time for that.
The EACE European project develops policy recommendations for the European Commission to expedite the adoption of collaborative working environments. Towards this end, EACE evaluated existing collaboration patterns and tools, and consolidated research results by identifying best practices, developing a theoretical framework of human collaboration and verifying the policy recommendations in pilot applications. Helge: We've great new tools for that. But my approach is people centric. The workshop will discuss the findings of the project and present viewpoints and experiences from the industry, the research community and other stakeholder in order to stimulate discussion on the identified gaps between technological advancements and their practic…

National Biofuel

Hello, we have to talk. There are numerous challenges. The dispersed development around the globe is an indicator for something new. There is certainly a “weak signal” - if not a mega trend - telling about a new production model. 1.National 2.Independent 3.Homeland Security 4.Supporting the farmers and rural areas 5.Forest owners and agro-land owners are probable beneficiaries 6.But the challenge is: are we able to improve the yield and profitability of production? Biofuels are currently facing a complex set of challenges in order to succeed: cost reduction, CO2 tailpipe emissions reduction and better quality through quality and higher burning grades. Cellulosic ethanol has been mentioned as the most promising technology in this field, although it won't surpass cereal and sugarcane ethanol in the near future. We have several strong players in this field in Finland only.The fact that lots of politicians are interested in promoting ethanol is not new for Finland either. You have the corn-…

The World Ethanol Conference

The first World Ethanol conference, which was held in London in 1998. The organizers were thrilled to have around 180 delegates. As the Ethanol boom continued they certainly expected the delegate numbers to increase, but back then had no idea that the conference would grow in reputation and size to become the premier event for the global ethanol industry.

Last year the conference attracted an audience of over 600 senior executives from over 50 countries and this year it is expected to comfortably exceed this number.

The premier event for the ethanol industry, 5 - 8 November 2007, Hotel Okura, Amsterdam.
As the industry has grown in importance so have the opportunities and challenges. The Climate Change debate will continue to be a powerful driver for the industry. Policy initiatives in the US, Brazil, the EU and many Asian countries provide for a strongly growing market share for biofuels.
At the same time the food vs. fuel and sustainability debate has taken centre stage. There is no dou…

Piedmont Biofuels Aggregator

Piedmont Biofuels » Aggregator: "Tour de Biofuels - A Collection of Pertinent Blogs. We put up this page so that you can get your fix from the biofuels blogosphere in one place. In the parlance of blogging this is known as an “aggregator.” We are assuming, that like us, there is nothing you would rather do than stay current on as many biofuel blogs as possible.

If you would like to assemble a life outside of biofuels, shed your vehicle, quit your job, and move to a community where you can meet all of your needs on foot. At Piedmont Biofuels, we understand that doing such could take awhile, so we are providing this aggregator for your use in the meantime.

We’ve thrown in some wind, and some off-grid tales just to keep it lively, and we try to show them according to activity and interest level. From time to time we will prune the dead branches to make way for new growth."

Eric Case is another doubly cool green and tech geek. He works at Google on the Blogger team…

Corn Crop, Cain and Ethanol

In 2005, ethanol plants consumed 14 percent of the nation's corn crop. Producing seven times as much fuel, under Bush's proposed mandate, would put the proportion close to 100 percent.

In 2000, Arizona Senator John McCain learned about Big Corn’s power the hard way. He said the ethanol industry wouldn’t exist without Congress’s meddling. He said that ethanol subsidies were a giveaway to companies like ADM.
That won him no friends in Iowa, the nation’s largest corn pro­ducer, which happens to host the first key caucus of each presidential election cycle. McCain decided to duck the Iowa caucuses in 2000. By August 2006, with an eye on the White House once more, McCain had changed his tune. While still skeptical about subsidies, he told an audience in Grinnell, Iowa, “I support ethanol, and I think it is a vital alternative energy source.”Thanks to its political heft, Big Corn is even more powerful than other parts of the farm lobby. Not all farmers benefit from ethanol subsidies; f…

No new refineries

Despite recent record gasoline prices - and profits for the oil companies - the nation's second-largest producer of gasoline and other fuels has no plans to build any new refineries here [Cleveland]. ConocoPhillips instead is considering a 400,000-barrel-per -day refinery in Saudi Arabia. "All the talk about higher fuel economy standards on top of a push for ethanol-based motor fuels makes it tough to plan here," said James Gallogly, the Houston-based company's executive vice president for refining and marketing.

Co-Creation and Refinery Capacity

Supply and demand. Conoco tells about the price of oil and why no refining plants are built. Listen to the mp3 recording. Despite recent record gasoline prices -- and profits for the oil companies -- the nation's second-largest producer of gasoline and other fuels has no plans to build any new refineries. ConocoPhillips instead is considering a 400,000-barrel-per-day refinery in Saudi Arabia.

All the talk about higher fuel economy standards on top of a push for ethanol-based motor fuels makes it tough to plan here, said James Gallogly, the Houston-based company's executive vice president for refining and marketing.

How green is corn?

For Entrepreneurs, Investors, Service Providers, or Business Mentors, connections are key. Co-creation and Global Open Innovation was created to provide the intersection where ideas meet capital, where deal flow flourishes, and where resources, services and support stimulate growth and opportunity.

Great Lakes Guy: February 2007

Helge: Energy wil be a big issue during the next US presidential campaign. I've been digging into the issues. A biodiesel plant has been built in the Great Lakes Area. What is the reaction to reneweable energy?

Great Lakes Guy: February 2007: "New York Senator Hillary Clinton didn't just launch a political campaign when she announced her candidacy to become the first women president in the history of the United States. She promised 'a conversation with America. Now Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm wants to 'talk with citizens' about the future of the Great Lakes State.

What is this the View?

Enough of this 'talk' about change. What is urgently needed now is leadership and action. Not only for America, a country distracted from its domestic priorities and mired in a war that's costing evermore in life, money, and reputation. But especially for the greater Great Lakes region, which is undergoing a fundamental and intensely painful shift in its basic …

Houston, The City of Energy and Oil


Süd-Chemie on DieselNet

Süd-Chemie on DieselNet: "About Süd-Chemie. Süd-Chemie was founded in 1857 in southern Germany and now comprises over 60 companies, subsidiaries and joint ventures around the world. There are over 30 manufacturing facilities in 25 countries and 10 major R&D centers in 9 countries, including two in the USA.

Süd-Chemie’s Needham, MA facility contains the R&D and catalyst analysis labs, manufacturing, warehousing and headquarters for their North American engine catalyst business."

Biofuels from pulp & paper by-products economically feasible, concludes Swedish study

Biofuels from pulp & paper by-products economically feasible, concludes Swedish study: "A new Swedish study concluded that renewable transportation fuels can be produced from biomass via black liquor gasification at a cost which is competitive with fossil-based gasoline and diesel.

In a recently finished EU project called BLGMF (Black Liquor Gasification with Motor Fuels production), a group of companies—Nykomb Synergetics, Volvo Bus Corporation, OK-Q8, Methanex, Chemrec, STFI and Ecotraffic—have investigated the possibilities to produce green transport fuels from biomass via gasification of “black liquor”, a by-product in the pulp & paper industry.

The group has made a technical and economical comparison of the new technology with today’s conventional methods of black liquor processing. The objective has been to maximize, in an environmentally friendly way, the chemical and energy recovery cycle efficiency in a pulp & paper mill, and at the same time produce transport …

WICU12 News - Biofuel Plant Nearing Completion

WICU12 News - Biofuel Plant Nearing Completion: "Biofuel Plant Nearing Completion, May 24, 2007, 4:05 pm.

Erie's new $54-million biodiesel fuel plant is expected to be up and running by the end of August. Much of the major construction work at the former International Paper property is done, including building 19 large tanks along with the buildings.

But crews are still doing electrical, piping and insulation work. The plant will use about 15 railroad tank cars full of soybean oil every day to produce about 45 million gallons of biodiesel fuel each year. Right now the company has 14 employees. About 40 employees are expected to be on the payroll when production begins. - Paul Wagner.
EMGApril 22, 2007. EMG’s Lake Erie Biofuels is noted as a contributor to the Erie Region’s trend toward green technology.

Recruiting in China - Investing in China

Recruiting in China - Investing in China: "METSO PAPER: Metso Paper to establish a new service center in Guangzhou China. Metso Paper, Inc.

Metso Paper to establish a new service center in Guangzhou, China. Metso Paper will establish its second Service Center in China. The center, which will be located in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, will provide advanced machinery maintenance and process development services to the pulp and paper making industry in southern China. The value of the investment is close to EUR 10 million.

The new greenfield Service Center will be operational in 2008. In the beginning, the center will employ 40 service professionals - recruiting of personnel is already ongoing.

The Guangzhou Center will feature a fully equipped roll service workshop providing rolls, roll covers as well as mechanical roll maintenance for all makes and sizes of pulp and paper machines. In addition, the center will offer a full scope of spare part and mill site services.

Establishment of…

Metso Invests in New ERP Solution

Metso Invests in New ERP Solution: "Financial News, Thursday May 24, 02:41 PM.

HELSINKI, Finland, May 24, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Metso Automation invests in a new global ERP solution, which will cover the whole supply chain. The investment totals approximately EUR 17 million and it will be completed by turn of 2009-2010. The new solution will be delivered by Lawson Software (NASDAQ: LWSN - news) .

Covering the whole supply chain from quotation to delivery, the new ERP solution will improve Metso Automation's supply chain performance and global transparency and support further expansion of Metso Automation's service and project business.

The new ERP solution will support decision-making with enhanced planning solutions and improved demand-supply alignment. It will also improve the control and performance management for the product lines. The new solution will also enable efficient integration of global processes, data and tools in acquisitions.

Metso (Frankfurt: 923876 - new…

How much pulp is produced worldwide every year? « PULP Inc.

How much pulp is produced worldwide every year? « PULP Inc.: "How much pulp is produced worldwide every year? Published October 23rd, 2006 Pulp and paper prices , Pöyry , PULP Inc.

Metso Investor Magazine has an interview with Pöyry vice president Tuomo Niemi. The article notes that according to the FAOSTAT database, in 1994 world production of pulp was 178 million tons. By 2004, the figure had increased to 189 million tons. That’s an increase of about one million tons a year. Metso estimates that about 2.5 million tons of new pulp capacity is “needed” each year.

“New pulp producers are turning to suppliers with requests for increasingly bigger production equipment and machinery. An ordinary pulp line in the early 1990s produced half a million tons of pulp per year; now that amount is about one million tons, and within the next ten years it will climb to as much as one-and-a-half million tons per year,” says Niemi.

Every time a new one million t/yr pulp mill comes on line, that’s an…

Atlanta and Biofuel

I got into this through Atlanta. But it's not the city but the issues that are important. Biofuel, P&P and Microbilogy are the themes we are looking into.

The P&P Biotech road mapBiotechnology Contribution and Potential to thePulp and Paper Industry
Introduction: The participants to the workshop included Dr. K.E. Erickson, Dr. L. Viikari, Dr. N. Franks, Dr. M. Paice, Dr. R. Farrell and Dr. E. Malcolm. I wish to thank each of the participants for their support and guidance in moving forward in this project. The author and the participants also wish to thanks Dr. J. Ferris, President of IPST, for his support of this ongoing project.

The pulp and paper industry currently finds itself at a pivot point in its history, amongst the many issues impacting its operations are:
Environmental regulations;Cost of natural resources and access to fresh water;Manufacturing costs associated with modern pulping, bleaching, and papermaking technologies;Competition with synthetic materials.


Biofuel in US

Have to get in touch with C. Scott Miller Ikä: 56 Sukupuoli: Male Horoskooppimerkki: Aries Eläinradan vuosi: Rabbit Sijainti: Studio City : California : Yhdysvallat Tietoa minusta President of The Miller DeWulf Corporation in Los Angeles, Scott is a consultant, blogger, writer, webmaster, and EDP (Electronic Document Professional) who has worked in marketing and communications for numerous engineering, educational, and utility firms. Represents biomass feedstock service providers and advocates biomass-to-energy conversion technology RD&D. Contact about BIO Blog sponsorship opportunities. BIOstock Blog The first of four interlinked BIOenergy Blogs, this one covers mostly agriculture and forestry feedstock issues - which are used, how they're transported, and what new processes are being developed. The other three related blogs are the BIOconversion Blog, the BIOoutput Blog, and the BIOwaste Blog.
Biomass Gas & Electric's Rick Jensen spoke about a 28MW gasificati…

BIOstock Blog: electricity

C. Scott Miller, President of The Miller DeWulf Corporation in Los Angeles, Scott is a consultant, blogger, writer, webmaster, and EDP (Electronic Document Professional) who has worked in marketing and communications for numerous engineering, educational, and utility firms. Represents biomass feedstock service providers and advocates biomass-to-energy conversion technology RD&D. Contact about BIO Blog sponsorship opportunities.

Helge: This is a great blog and I need to read about Miller's thoughts with more time. Here is the link to the US P&P bioenergy future.

BIOstock Blog: electricity: "U.S. paper & pulp industry assesses its bioenergy future.

TAPPI, the leading association of the paper and pulp industry in America, held a special International Conference on Renewable Energy - 2007 on May 10-11, 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia. Led by conference chair, Jim Frederick of Georgia Tech's Institute of Paper Science and Technology, the association organized a sterling line…

Google, Salesforce to Meet in The Enterprise?

Google, Salesforce to Meet in The Enterprise?: "Google (Quote) and are talking about forging a partnership to take on rival Microsoft (Quote), which is hungrily trying to nibble away at Google's share of online services.

The search engine giant and software-as-a-service (SAAS) market leader are expected to announce a deal in the next few weeks, according to the The Wall Street Journal, which cited people familiar with the matter.

The most likely product integration, the sources say, would be a combination of Google's messaging and e-mail applications with's customer-relationship management (CRM) tools. (Quote) did not respond to a request for comment. Not even Marc Benioff, the company's normally outspoken CEO, would discuss the subject during a keynote speech at the company's developer conference in Santa Clara, Calif., today."