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President of The Miller DeWulf Corporation in Los Angeles, Scott is a consultant, blogger, writer, webmaster, and EDP (Electronic Document Professional) who has worked in marketing and communications for numerous engineering, educational, and utility firms. Represents biomass feedstock service providers and advocates biomass-to-energy conversion technology RD&D. Contact about BIO Blog sponsorship opportunities.

Biomass Gas & Electric's Rick Jensen spoke about a 28MW gasification power project his company is developing for Georgia Power Company. It is located near a C&D landfill which provides primary fuel supplies. It also will utilize forest wood waste and road & land cleaning debris.

Where are we now?

Ben Thorp of the Biorefinery Deployment Collaborative gave a comprehensive overview of the many commerical biomass gasifiers in North America, a brief summary of the current pulp and paper biorefinery activities, and a side-by-side comparison of the six U.S. D.O.E. "Section 932" grant winners. He then made a persuasive appeal to the paper and pulp industry to begin now to capitalize biorefinery opportunites because they "may be the only way to avoid massive shutdown and loss of pulp and paper facilities in North America."

Making the Biorefinery a Reality. According to Richard Phillips of North Carolina State University there are five targets that must be met to achieve ethanol profitability:
  1. The Ethanol Price> $2.50 per gallon,
  2. The Capital Cost < $3 per Annual Gallon,
  3. Wood Cost <$60 per bone dry ton (BDT),
  4. Enzyme Cost <$.15 per gallon, and
  5. ethanol yield> 75 gallons per BDT wood.
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