CRM Daily | Salesforce Creates Google Ad Channel

I've been writing about my own efforts to build different channels to different business areas. The process continues. Posting is probably a little more organized and structured today than one year ago. But the communication strategy isn't yet crisp and clear.

The news of this posting is here. CRM Daily | Creates Google Ad Channel: "Online software pioneer Inc. will help Internet search leader Google Inc. sell ads as part of a partnership that falls short of Wall Street's anticipation since word of the alliance leaked last month.

Under an arrangement to be announced Tuesday, will roll out a new version of its service so its 32,300 customers can distribute their online ads through Google, which makes most of its money by steering marketing campaigns toward the most likely buyers.'s upgraded service is set up to track any customer referrals generated by Google's ads. No ads will be shown within's service, which makes money by selling monthly and annual subscriptions to its applications.

While the deal could help boost the fortunes of both San Francisco-based and Mountain View-based Google, it represents a bit of a letdown from the high hopes raised by a May 21 story in The Wall Street Journal.

That report indicated that Google might blend some of its own software applications like e-mail, instant messaging, spreadsheets and word processing with's programs for helping companies manage their sales in a joint attack on a common rival -- Microsoft Relevant Products/Services Corp.

Some analysts even speculated that Google might be gearing up to buy"
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