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I like to present a friend from North Carolina. Armen Hareyan is the chief editor of Huliq. We started our co-operation a few months ago. This is his posting at http://www.huliq.com. I will write more about Huliq in next posts.

Armen Hareyan is originally from Armenia, his educational backgroun includes graduate studies in Music Composition, Theology and Business.

He came to USA 12 years ago to continue his education. Presently directs the music program in a local church and publishes www.emaxhealth.com and www.huliq.com

Hello To Citizen Journalists Of The World | Huliq: Breaking News:

Hello To Citizen Journalists Of The World
Submitted by admin on Fri, 2007-06-15 20:11.

Hello to all citizen journalists,

This is Armen Hareyan writing from HULIQ.com and this is my first post in HULIQ blog.

I'd like build a dialogue with all those who are writing, co-operation, co-creating.

We created HULIQ to be a meeting place for all the citizen and public journalists who take pride in covering local and international news. My friend Helge Keitel from Finland suggested the creation of this blog, in addition to HULIQ, to be an information center and a uniting force for public journalists.

Large news and media organizations may not be able to cover the news in details on a local level, but volunteer public and citizen journalists can because of the fact that they may even witness what is happening. Our sole driving goal is to inform the public. Please know every peace of news is important, whether it’s an international breaking news or a local community school event, or a new research breakthrough. It could be that your high school football team won a city championship. This is important for the people of your city or your school as well.

I will be very glad for all of your comments and insights. Please keep on writing and publishing great locacal and international news."

This is me in Venice in 2005, I led my choir from St. Aloysius Catholic Church in Hickory, NC to an international choir competition in Verona, Italy. In the meanwhile we visited Venice. Very memorable trip.
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