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Citizen journalism innovation using open source methodology

Helge: We've been talking about Citizen Journalism and blogging with Armen Hareyan over Skype and Messenger. Some of the critique from traditional media is quite valid. Independent writers need to think more about the quality of news we are submitting. We have to differentiate between 1) Opinion and News 2) Is it based on feelings only. 3) What is news and what is gossip and guess-work? 4) Is my coverage genuine and personal? 5) Did I check and double-check the sources? 6) We should not copy-paste what the traditional media has delivered.

We need to find our own news, reliable leads and sources. There are other ethical things to be considered. Product placement and promotion of products related to our other activities are not news; release them as what they are: AD or PR. Citizen Journalism has the potential of being biased. We need to be aware of that. It’s learning process for us who don’t have a formal training in journalism.

HERE IS ARMEN's contribution to the theme

Armen Hareyan writes in his blog: It is said that blogging and citizen journalism will play a greater role in the future of news and even coverage.

A poll at presently shows that 58 percent of the responders agree that Citizen Journalism will play an “extremely” important role in the future of journalism. 25 percent feel that it will play “somewhat” important role.

This is the driving force that keeps – a fast growing citizen journalism news site from USA – running and bringing the news to the public. Innovation is not only in Silicone Valley, and “the Silicone Valley is not only in California,” says Helge Keitel, the publisher of KK-Net Technology from Finland. “What I like about is the possibility to use the open source methodology to tap on the unlimited resource of public journalism,” continues Helge.

Citizen journalism is really wonderful when it comes with quality. The news is worthy and has more credibility when beside coverage it makes a point, which is done with high quality and great sense of dignity. As Helge puts it: “Mynews is more than my opinion.” The citizen writers should take the trouble to learn from good journalists. Citizen journalism is public service.

Have you heard the old saying “Better one time to see than 100 time to hear?” Same goes with the news. However, one of the challenges that the citizen journalism is faced with is the scarcity of copyright free images available for the public use during news coverage. plans to start an image gallery where citizen photo-journalists can submit images of events and moments that they eyewitness to. Thus these images can be shared with news writers and images can be matched with news stories. What is great about this is that you have “two authors and two perspectives” on a news story.

This can very much help the quality of a news story. Citizen journalism has to deliver a trustworthy news and not be a rumorous machine or a copy paste plagiarism. It has to be an independent work.

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