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"Nokia reinforced its preeminent position in emerging markets today (7.6.2007) with the launch of seven new products that provide functions and features specifically designed for consumers in these markets." Informs Mobile Africa.

About: Mobile Africa is Africa's premier and most extensive resource of information about mobile communications technology, which is dedicated exclusively to Africa.

It is the portal about mobile / cellular and wireless technology in Africa.

What are bloggers writing about mobility in Africa?

“The ingenuity of some Africans to make sure they have access to communications cannot be underrated. In Ghana some build towers out of wood and stone on hilltops (‘cell phone towers’) and charge callers to climb to the top of the tower to access mobile phone signals that are blocked by the hill.” Writes Ballpark.

Link: Wireless Technologies and Development in Africa. The article cites other unusual initiatives, like motorcycle phones, communal phones (one phone for the village, one sim card per citizen), price tracking for farmers, beeping (dialing a number, hanging up before the call is connected to elicit a call back response from the recipient), etc.
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